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Battlefield 2/Strategies

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First off, have a read of Secrets of Battlefield.


  • Squad up.
  • Check your ammo regularly and reload, don't carry an almost empty weapon. If you run out of ammo in a fight, either hide and reload, or switch to the pistol or knife.
  • When running low on ammo, keep an eye out for dropped packs from dead soldiers, and be prepared to swap. Even though the loadout may not be your favourite it'll generally be better than completely running out of ammo.
  • Keep some sprint energy just in case.
  • Never walk out in the open, and stay close to objects that will stop a car.
  • Before killing a target, spot it onto the map with your (by default) 'q' key. If you screw up and they kill you then at least your team mates know where and what they are.
  • Use voip. Tell your squad what they are up against, what you're going to do and what you want them to do.
  • When dead you can't spot enemy onto the map, so write short text messages for your team. E.g. 'sniper on crane above dam', or just keep talking through the VOIP.
  • Aims for the upper-chest/neck area, fire a burst, re-adjust the sight to the chest and repeat until you or the enemy is dead. Strafe if possible.
  • When in doubt, throw a grenade or a flash bang before moving in to cap a CP.


  • If you are a squad leader, don't fly a plane unless your whole squad is flying.
  • If in a squad, stay and work as a squad.
  • Invite people to your squad if you are leader, don't leave it up to them.
  • Don't be the only person in a Locked Squad.
  • When joining a squad, choose your kit to compliment those already in the squad. If the squad is primarily in armour then be an engineer. If the squad is on foot and is missing a medic, then become one. Most squads can do with a supply person; especially those based on spec ops, anti-tank and possibly armour. You can ask the squad leader if they want you to respawn with a particular kit.


  • Don't fly while commanding.
  • Listen to what your soldiers want, and guess it in advance if you have a ready supply drop.
  • Don't spot enemies excessively, place a UAV around multiple enemies and only spot enemy troops that are flanking.
  • Stay at your most critical flag and defend it with C4.
  • Artillery takes 15 seconds to fall and runs for 10 seconds. If the enemy is advancing, place the artillery where they are going not where they are.
  • Use voip. Some team mates do not notice the red artillery symbol on the map (often when busy), so announce to your team where it is going. Use the radar and voip to tell squads where nearby enemy are, when the UAV is busy elsewhere. If a control point has just been captured, then tell them whether the area is clear.



The Anti-Tank class is very effective at point blank range with a shotgun. It is effective against anything at long range, even infantry.

  • Watch your ammo. Shotguns need reloading often, so make sure your clip is far from empty. You do not have many rockets, so use them wisely.
  • At long range you can kill infantry with rockets, but they have far more ammo than you and faster reload. Don't go up against a sniper unless you are taking them by surprise, and don't go for a second shot.
  • Aim low against a buggy trying to road kill you. Rockets have a habit of going through buggies if aimed high.
  • If you are lone wolf then do not attack armour out in the open unless it is severely smoking. Always attack when they are looking away. Use cover, and remember that bullets from armour can go through many objects.
  • Try to squad with two other anti-tanks and a support to resupply you. Spread out and coordinate your attacks.
  • Against blackhawks aim for the gunners near the front of the chopper. If not they will mow you down after your first shot. After the gunners are dead you can safely finish it off. Watch for parachuters since you need multiple rockets to take it down.
  • Aim for the head with the shotgun; it does make a difference.
  • Take a high vantage point over your targets. Armour cannot shoot or see at a high angle, and often they will look around for you rather than driving off. APCs are an easy kill this way.
  • Be careful leaning over railing to kill someone below, as there is a good chance a rocket will detonate on the railing.


The Assault class has quite a bit of firepower and their main aim is to kill enemy infantry. With this though, has come the abuse of the grenade launcher. The grenade launcher is an extremely skillful weapon when used appropriately. Unfortunately this doesn't always apply and many resort to using it at close range as a one-hit kill weapon. Future patches will try to resolve this abuse. The unlock, the G3, does away with the launcher for regular grenades. For those with BF2:SF the F2000 has a grenade launcher once again as well as the flashbang in place of the smoke canister.

  • To use the grenade launcher takes a bit of practice. The grenade travels in an arc, and not a straight line. So to aim at something in the distance, you have to aim above the target, so that the end of the arc leads into the target.
  • A well placed grenade launched at a jeep can kill the driver and passengers. It can lead to the jeep exploding if partially damaged.
  • Use the grenade launcher on armoured vehicles as a distraction; Unless the APC/Tank is severely damaged you won't blow it up. Distracting an enemy armour can give the opportunity for an Anti-tank kit to destroy it.
  • Smoke grenades can be used to cover a retreat or distract infantry.
  • Don't rely on the grenade launcher for attacking infantry. Most of the time you will get caught out reloading. Instead, if there are a group of infantry unaware of your presence, use the grenade launcher (long range of course) and then switch to assault rifle for mop-up.
  • Because Assault is heavily armoured, the extra weight affects sprinting. Always look for where you can get cover if needed. This is true of all classes, but more so the Assault and Anti-tank classes
  • Be careful with flashbangs, most of the time you'll blind your teammates also. If in a squad, then notify your squad before hand.
  • Flashbangs can come in handy for defending against an incoming attack. Just keep your eye out in the distance if holding a flag, and like before, don't forget to tell your squad.


Engineers are very effective in armoured situations. The Jackhammer shotgun is also very effective in close combat such as stairwells and the Iron Gator, but stay close to a medic. As a Lone Wolf the engineer can be very effective with mines.

  • Squad up with another engineer and have a tank or APC each and stay close to each other. If one tank is severely damaged, park yours between it and the enemy so you take some hits while you are automatically repairing them, and alternate when you have taken a couple of hits. Always stay close, don't drive off scared.
  • Mine placement. Don't put them near your uncappables or where your team is likely to travel through at speed. Do put them where your enemy is likely to travel through at speed. Try not to place them in obvious positions such as the middle of a bitumen road, instead go for a bush next to the road at a choke point, long grass, shallow water, a dip in the road etc.
  • It doesn't hurt to warn your teammates of mines as a team message. If you have spare time and a friendly vehicle is coming in the distance, then go stand on the mine and let them know.
  • Use the spanner to remove mines in bad places, and always remove your enemy's.
  • Repair your commander's assets, but watch for the spec ops player who just blew them up.
  • If you get out of tank to repair it, be certain there are no enemies around, and try to do it under or next to a building (away from planes). Also equip your spanner prior to using a vehicle, for more efficient repairing.
  • A risky yet useful job is to repair armour while it is fighting similarly matched armour, but don't stand where you could be run over.
  • If an enemy vehicle is busy in combat, sneak up and put a mine behind it. Chances are it will reverse onto the mine. You can lob them off a building. It is possible to place a mine on top of a stationary vehicle. As soon as it moves the mine explodes, just as it would if it was run over. Although placing mines on vehicles is effective it is also an unrealistic exploit, so don't do it.
  • If you are out in the open and a distant car looks like running you over, drop a mine between you and the car, but give it enough time to arm.


In long range battles, there is no opponent more fearsome than the sniper. The sniper dispenses quick, lethal justice from concealed locations, leaving the enemy wondering just what hit them. The M95 unlock is the most powerful gun in the game and can even shoot through the armoured glass of most vehicles. The USMC's M24 is equally powerful, but has less armour penetration. Both China and the MEC snipers carry automatic sniper rifles which are less effective at extremely long ranges but are useful in medium-long range battles.

  • Stay concealed. Snipers are given a highly effective guille suit which allows you to hide in many places which the other classes would never consider. Experiment with different locations, you will be quite surprised at its effectiveness. Often, hiding spots in plain sight lead to people walking past without a second glance.
  • Good sniping locations are a tradeoff between concealment and the amount of the battlefield in view. Unintuitively, rooftops are often not the best sniping spots due to poor cover. You will be an easy target for enemy snipers hiding on the ground.
  • Similarly, do not snipe from ridges or the top of a hill - you will cast a distinctive silhouette against the skies behind you. It is a good idea to use a bit of altitude to help you spot enemies though. If you do have the higher ground, get yourself just below the ridgeline and use some cover.
  • Cranes are popular sniper nests. However, do not be fooled by the actions of lesser snipers than yourself. Although cranes offer a good overview of the battlefield, you will be too far above the action. This makes it harder to land each shot. In addition, you will be clearly visible against the skyline to anyone on the ground.
  • Do not stay in one spot forever. Sooner or later, one of your victims is going to figure out your location and come looking for revenge. Move as soon as you think your position has been discovered. If you hear bullets landing nearby, pick up your things and run to another spot immediately. Dont waste time trying to kill the person shooting at you. They will have the advantage as you will have to look for them first. Some other kits have extremely accurate weapons. Do not underestimate them. If you are very effective from the same position, expect to receive some artillery.
  • If you find yourself in a close range battle, dont bother switching to pistol. The pistol does too little damage to be very effective. Instead, take a single shot with the sniper rifle. It is still an awesomely powerful gun and you can often take down an enemy at short range with a single shot if they are slightly damaged. Once you have taken a shot with the rifle (and the enemy is still alive) you have two choices. If the shot landed and they are still alive, pull out your pistol and start pumping away. If the shot did not land, switch to knife and try to stab them (the knife is a one hit kill and is often the better option than the pistol against healthy opponents).
  • Make each shot count. You do not need to kill a person with each bullet (although this would be prefferable). Everytime you hit a target, that player is effectively removed from battle as they will have to desperately search for health or will be killed very quickly.
  • Against stationary targets, always aim for the head. People sitting in tank turrets or vodnik/hummvee guns are excellent targets once the vehicle stops moving.
  • If you are facing enemies who are moving around constantly, the safest option is to simply aim for the body. Often, this will net you a decent number of kills as many players run around just short of full health (from falling of short heights, stray bullets etc). In addition, body shots are easier to line up for most people, allowing you to shoot more bullets in a shorter period of time. Of course if you think you can get a head shot every time, then feel free to do so.
  • In general, dont waste shots on people who are sprinting perpendicular to you position. Without lots of practice, you will miss 9 times out of 10. Wait for them to slow down or stop. If they are gone from sight, ignore them. Plenty of other targets will come by shortly, you cannot take down everyone. If however they are running directly towards (or away) from you, attempting a headshot is your best option.
  • If you're feeling especially skillful, try to time your shots along with other loud sounds nearby (tank or artillery shells, gunfights, etc). Often, the only thing giving away a well concealed sniper is the sound of his gun.
  • Claymores are a directional mine. They explode at a 45° angle away from the direction you placed it. For example, if you throw a claymore down directly in front of you, anyone that comes at you from that direction will get the full force of the blast. It is a good idea to lay a claymore while facing the direction you think an enemy soldier will come from. After laying a claymore, do not walk over it - go directly away from it.
  • Claymores are detonated by proximity - they are set off by movement in front of them. This makes it impossible for an enemy to pass one in an enclosed space without setting it off. Lay one where it will be too late for someone to notice it before it goes off. Around corners, behind foliage, in hallways, and at the top of ladders are often good areas.


Support are primarily, as the name implies, support for the team. This is by handing out ammunition and laying down suppressing fire. Special Forces also adds a Tear gas launcher to the loadout. The Support unlock is very powerful, however it gives off a unique sound which can give your position away. It should also be fired in short bursts.

  • Hand ammo out when team mates ask. They may just save you later on.
  • Don't rush. Even though there is temptation to do so, remember that you are SUPPORT. You are most effective going prone in a good location with plenty of cover, mowing down infantry so that your teammates can then rush the area.
  • Because you have effectively unlimited ammo, try throwing grenades over walls to clear an area that you suspect has enemy infantry, before a rush with your squad.
  • (SPECIAL FORCES SUPPORT)Tear gas has a timed explosion. So it's possible to fire it and have it explode in mid air. With careful timing and angle, it's possible for it to hit a group of infantry or vehicles like jeeps with no time to equip a gas mask.
  • (SPECIAL FORCES SUPPORT)The tear gas can be used effectively against Tanks and APC's to inhibit their vision. (even though the actual gas doesn't affect them) This is handy for an Anti-tank to take it out, or simply to cover your retreat.

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