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From OCAU Wiki

Celeron is the name for the budget (low cost) processor line from Intel.

They are based on Pentiums and are often crippled to offer lower performance than its bigger brother.

Some performance crippling techniques used include:

  • Less cache
  • Additional latency on cache
  • Slower bus speeds
  • Lack of features that are found in Pentiums

(eg : EMT64...However, this particular feature is added on newer revisions of Celeron-D).

  • Lack power saving technologies (As in the case of the Celeron-M)

Examples in 2005

  • Desktop
    • Pentium 4 => Celeron/Celeron-D
  • Notebook
    • Pentium-M => Celeron-M

Such low cost processors are often found in budget systems that cost AUD$1500 or less.

Due to their crippled performance, they aren't often considered by enthusiasts or those who need the best in performance.

They are perfect for those who just need a low cost PC that "does the job" at low cost.


  • AMD's Sempron line.
  • Possibly the upcoming VIA C7-M processor (Project target market : competitor to Celeron-M)

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