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Energy drink database

From OCAU Wiki

There seems to be a new brand of energy drink out every day, so to keep people aware of what's out there, just enter some info about an energy drink you know about. Try to include a picture as well. *You don't have to only pick rare drinks!*

Try to include where you bought it, some of the main ingredients and the all important "nutritional" information.

Please remember: don't hotlink images that don't belong to you. What's an energy drink?

Energy Drink Database
Name Size/s Energy Taurine Caffeine Website Image Energy per ml Extra Ingredient

Red Devil Energy Drink 250ml Can 560KJ 1000mg 80mg Here Image 2.24KJ
VPX Redline RTD 240ml PET Bottle -- 300mg 400mg Here Image
Zu Energy 250ml Can -- 200mg 31mg -- Image
LOL 250ml Can 498kJ -- 0 -- Image 1.992KJ
Mother 500ml Can 975kJ 2000mg 160mg -- Image 1.95KJ
XStream 500ml bottle 300kj -- 37.5mg -- Image 0.6KJ

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