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For Sale

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For Sale

The For Sale forum is the hive of Overclockers Australia's forum members' trading activity. If you have something you want to sell, then this is the place to sell it. You can also browse around these forums to find a great bargain! Keep in mind, this forum is only for private individuals to buy, sell or trade second-hand goods on an occasional basis.

Also, this is the only forum on OCAU that is sorted by first post date, not most recent post date. This means that the forum behaves in a more traditional classifieds-type way, where new listings appear at the top and are slowly pushed down by newer listings appearing above them. This means that overall, listings spend more time on the front page than if they were constantly being pushed down by popular (and hence often replied-to) listings.


  • The For Sale forum is to be used by private individuals only, who may offer things for sale on an "occasional" basis. It is not for vendors or professional traders (with the exception of OCAU Sponsors).
  • Maximum of 2 concurrent ACTIVE* (see below for more details) threads.
  • Do not 'repost' an ACTIVE* (see below for more details) thread within 7 days.
  • NO NEW ITEMS. New items for sale may only be posted by persons or vendors who are current OCAU advertisers or sponsors (List here)
  • NO SELLING FOR FRIENDS - If you do not own it, you can't sell it!
  • No Mod-Chipped Consoles - We don't care if it is legal or not, it's not allowed here!
  • No Mod Chips
  • No Backup Games
  • No MMORPG games or accounts
  • If you have a stupid thread title (example: ****SALE SALE HOT STUFF*****) it WILL be edited or closed!
  • eBay/Sold/Other site links are not allowed.
  • If you are selling goods on other sites, please don't offer it for sale here.
  • No "Possible Sales" - If it is not for sale right now, don't post it!
  • No selling firearms
  • No selling alcohol
  • Selling of adult only content (including pornography, and anything else prohibited to minors) is not allowed, as the age of the purchaser cannot be determined.
  • No group buys (unless authorised by Agg)
  • No selling Engineering Sample items
  • No selling equipment/software circumventing a TPM
  • Selling OEM Software is Prohibited
  • Do not start a thread in the For Sale Forum with a link to eBay/Sold/Other site. A small link in your signature is allowed at present, but this can be reviewed at any time.
  • No feedback about members/vendors
  • If an administrator edits out an item in your thread, or even if he/she fixes your links, please do not edit out their comments. They were made for a reason, and it's not your place to un-make them. Just leave them be.
  • If you're not bidding or making a genuine enquiry please do not post.

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