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Free Games

From OCAU Wiki

Based on the YAFGT - Yet Another Free Games Thread in the OCAU Forums. Due to the fluid nature of Wikis, content found here won't always match that in the forum thread.

Free Games are broken down into 3 categories:

  • Totally Free - Games that are free to download, play, play online etc...
  • Free to Acquire, Pay to Use - These are still considered free games, in retrospect. These games will usually have, like, a 15 day trial, or something, allowing you to get a taste of the games before you dedicate money to it.
  • Pay to Acquire, Free to Use - These games I wish to dedicate to MMORPG's only. The reason for that is because every buyable game could be considered a Pay to Acquire, Free to Use game. Therefore, only MMORPG's will fit into this category.


Rules of the thread

Please abide by them:

1. No "abandonware". The reason I post this is because if I posted every single abandonware site in this thread, it'd get too far out of hand.

Quote: As pointed out by KYPREO: Many people do not realise that abandonware is currently illegal under Australian copyright law. Distributing it is software piracy. Currently, copyright survives 50 years (soon to 70) and the only defence is where you have copied extracts for the purposes of education, review or comment.

Note: I have copied some content from older posts, some of it MAY be abandonware, I'm aware. As of now though, I am not accepting any Abandonware links. The only exception to this will be if a game company "authenticates" a free download release, aka, Rockstar and their releasing of GTA and GTA2

2. Posting. If you're going to contribute to the thread, please post a link to either the games main page, or if no main page is available, either an "about" link, or anything else. As a last resort, link to the main download page. That way people clicking on the link can view what the game's about first before having the option to download.

3. NO DEMO'S. Please, no "DEMO" links. If you want to play a demo, google it. If you want to advertise a demo, search to see if there is already a topic about it, if there isn't, post it in a new thread.

4. Periodic Updates. I wish to update this at least once every day or 3. That way, if any links become dead, they'll be updated frequently, but I would like some advanced warning from you guys.

5. NO WAREZ! This one's pretty standard as IT IS A FORUM RULE! WAREZ = BAN REMEMBER!

6. No "online text adventure MMO" games. Examples of these would be Utopia, Earth 2025, etc... Not only are there too many, but they don't quite fit into this thread.

Totally Free Games

Note: $ means the game is free to play, but some (minor) ingame content can be accessible via payment. Payment is totally optional and will not ruin your ingame fun (aka, it will not give you a huge advantage if you pay).

Free to Acquire, Pay to Use

  • Kal Online - Pay for extremely rare items only (which you must find in the first place wtf?)
  • Illutia - Free for the time being, will have subscription base soon for all but 1 server (1 server will be free)
  • Ragnarok Online
  • Live For Speed - Pay to unlock all cars and tracks
  • Eve-Online - Free download. Monthly fee. 14 day free trial.

Pay to Acquire, Free to Use

Other Resources


MiGiSHu: Big thanks to everyone who's contributed so far. Big thanks to charliebrown_au and Ceejay for their constant adding to the list

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