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Definition: Podcasting, a portmanteau of Apple's "iPod" and "broadcasting", is a method of publishing files to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive new files automatically by subscription, usually at no cost. It first became popular in late 2004, used largely for audio files. Wikipedia Definition AskANinja Definition

How can I contribute?

You can email your questions or other info to - either in a normal text email, or recorded as audio. That's right, you can use Sound Recorder (or similar) to record yourself asking a question, and we'll play it on the show and then respond.

Episode Listing

Latest: Episode 27 (28th May, 2008)

In this episode Sciby, Wayne and I mumble indecipherably about GTA IV, eBay rule changes, the relevance of overclocking nowadays and various other topics.

Episode 26 (5th May, 2008)

In this episode Sciby, Wayne and I ramble incoherently about a range of topics including PS3 games, laser pointers, cheap storage, eBay and Japanese snackfood.

Episode 25 (29th October, 2007)

Trouble sleeping? Episode 25 of the OCAU Podcast is now available for download, and is guaranteed to have you snoozing on the train to work in no time. In this episode Sciby, Wayne and I mumble soothingly about a range of topics including Facebook, Bioshock, Japan, seam carving and a huge waffly mountain of other pointless fluff. Do not listen while operating heavy machinery! This episode has shownotes too!

Episode 24 (9th August, 2007)

In this episode Sciby, drillbit and Agg chat about a range of topics including cheap stuff, HDD enclosures, Guitar Hero, Harry Potter, the music industry and a heap of other fluff. In fact it's a bit of a shambles to be honest, but hopefully fun. There's even a bit of bonus music at the end.

Episode 23 (4th March, 2007)

This week we have a catch-up chat about various things that have happened in the technology world in the last 3 months since the last episode.  :)

Episode 22 (22nd November, 2006)

This week we chat about YouTube+Google, new video cards and CPUs, rFactor, wireless stuff, Novell+Microsoft, Vista pricing etc. I sound like I'm falling asleep by the end so Trilby played around with some music stuff. Enjoy!

Episode 21 (25th October, 2006)

In this episode (recorded about a week ago) Sciby, Darkness and I chat about a range of topics including Google and YouTube, BF2142, Second Life, PC magic (and dwarves), our first net connections, folding on physics processors and a few other things. We also prove we know nothing about babies or economics.

Episode 19 (21st September, 2006)

This delayed episode is a "Special Edition" devoted entirely to interviewing Australian watercooling legend Cathar. We chat about a range of topics including the development of his highly successful waterblocks, and the state of watercooling technology and the industry in general.

Episode 20 (19th September, 2006)

In a departure from tradition, Episode 20 is being released before Episode 19, which should hopefully be available soon (and is devoted to an interview with Cathar). In Episode 20 I'm joined by Sciby and John Selby, and we chat about Dell & AMD, Intel's VT, alternative PC interfaces, the power consumption of portable devices, folding on GPUs and PS3s, land speed records and misc other stuff. We also have an "Apparently It's A Fact" from Scythe. I must however warn you that the words "paradigm", "coalesce" and "convergence" all make an appearance.

Episode 18 (27th August, 2006)

This is a fairly chatty episode covering mergers, Synergy2, Pluto, cyberpunk, PC & web birthdays, OCAU events and merchandise and misc other rants about stuff. We also chat with Darkness about some of the cool game demos that have come out recently. It's also worth noting that this episode was edited by Trilby of The Resonance, the Perth-based band that provided our theme music. Thanks Trilby!

We also have a blooper (some strong language) from the previous episode, as Andypoo wrestles with Apache.

Episode 17 (21st August, 2006)

After many weeks of hard work and mishaps, Agg has finally edited and compiled Episode 17. It has been aptly named "The Lost Episode". Someone throw Agg a beer.

In this episode, they discuss: Recycled water, RIAA lawsuits, WoW dating, Bluetooth history, First email and domain, the Estonian hardware scene, Our first PC's, Ebay strategies and last but not least Andy's hardware market roundup.

Plus various other stuff as usual. Enjoy!

Episode 16 (26th July, 2006)

Slightly late this week. Sciby was unfortunately transformed into a robot before this episode was recorded, so it's just Andypoo and Agg, with a bit from thetron in the middle. We have some thoughts on the AMD+ATI merger, Conroe availability, DS Lite brain training stuff, interstellar travel and a few other topics.

Episode 15 (17th July, 2006)

This week the focus is on Conroe, Intel's new CPU family. We have a half-hour interview with Chainbolt, the author of our Conroe review. Andypoo, Sciby and Agg also take time to answer a few questions, which results in some funny stories and recollections etc. This episode is also recorded in stereo, with slight stereo separation between hosts to help distinguish our voices.

Episode 14 (11th July, 2006)

Despite there being very little in the way of interesting news this week, Sciby, Andypoo and Agg still managed to waffle on for nearly an hour. I also experimented with putting music between topics in this episode, so it's ended up sounding like a podcast about nothing, recorded in a disco! I bet you're just itching to download this one. :)

Episode 13 (spooky) (3rd July, 2006)

In this episode: Spooky theme music! Plus site updates, annoying contest laws, WGA disabled, transparent laptops, Reservoir Dogs being banned, FON wireless, periodic table waffling, a secret sound that doesn't suck, Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD, etc.

Episode 12 (26th June, 2006)

In this episode: Nintendo DS Lite and the Brain Training game, Windows Genuine Advantage naughtiness, the Federal Government's plan to block porn, Swarmthe and Alexa, and NetVibes, Bill Gates and distributed computing, motherboard review rant, secret sound stuff, contest ideas, new product and pricing info from Andypoo, plus the usual other gibberish.

Episode 11 (19th June, 2006)

In this episode Sciby, Andypoo and Agg chat about various things including the CPU price war, Bill Gates stepping down, over-diversification of products, ATI's physics acceleration, Armoured Fury for BF2, etc etc. We also announce the winners of our ArenaPC PSU competition, and prizes for past secret sound winners. Plus lots of other misc stuff as usual. Enjoy!

Episode 10 (9th June, 2006)

This is a "special edition" episode, dedicated entirely to interviewing John Selby about a range of technology, copyright and internet law issues in Australia. John is a lecturer in the Division of Law at Macquarie University and a research associate at the Centre for Cyberspace Law & Policy at UNSW. We chatted with him about a range of technology, copyright and internet law issues in Australia. Note of course that this podcast is not intended as legal advice, merely general information and discussion.

Episode 9 (2nd June, 2006)

In this episode we chat about a few topics, including ThePirateBay's shutdown and re-emergence, more on Vista, CD identification, AMD's 4X4 and Dell partnership, some MMORPGs, some wierd emails, Sciby's blatant self-promotion and various other things. Also, solutions to all secret sounds to date, and a new secret sound!

Episode 8 (29th May, 2006)

In this episode we mostly focus on the "game" Second Life, but of course chat about a few other topics. As requested I've included about 10 mins on OCAU's first month of existence, and we also have a very nice prize from Arena PC to give away! You'll have to listen to the podcast to figure out how to win though. :) Overall sound quality is a lot better this time too.

Episode 7 (24th May, 2006)

No interview this week - instead, we've gone back to our earlier "geeks sitting around talking about stuff" mode. Sciby, Wolfy and I waffle on about a range of topics including CeBIT Sydney, Live Anywhere, Vista Requirements, Network Neutrality, Spore, Google Maps and various other things.

Episode 6 (15th May, 2006)

This week we interview BlueSmurf, creator of the GTR PC and the Imperator Star Destroyer PC. We also have the usual chit-chat covering PhysX, Wii, PS3 and various other topics.

Episode 5 (8th May, 2006)

Interview with Chainbolt.

Episode 4 (1st May, 2006)

Interview with Defyant.

Episode 3 (24th April, 2006)

The MMORPG special! Agg, Sciby and special guest Wolfy discuss the myraid of issues, trivia and general nuts and bolts of MMORPG's (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), all while Sciby and Wolfy fool about in World of Warcraft at the same time.

Episode 2 (9th April, 2006)

Introductions, How the Podcast is made, Suggestions and feedback, Games with deformable terrain: Silent Storm 2, Spam complaints to ACMA, Are telemarketers worse than Spammers?, Magic tricks shouldn't be explained in the forums?, Secret Sound, Apple Boot Camp and Macs, Crucifixion in MMORPG (@21:00?), Intel all-in-one water-cooling system, podcast theme, Voice and TV over IP, Slingbox. Special guest 'thetron'.

Episode 1 (2nd April, 2006)

Introductions, Why a Podcast?, Suggestions, Daylight savings change due to the Commonwealth Games, Physics Acceleration, April Fool's Joke, Reflection on OCAU's longevity, New anti-spam laws, .XXX domains, Electric Sheep screensaver, Spam again.

What Makes The Podcast

What Agg and the others babble on about.

  • A lighthearted-ish roundup of hardware news for the past week
  • Interviews with notable people (admins, long-standing members, modding experts, etc)
  • "Call-ins", which are actual skype conversations or pre-recorded / emailed questions that people have sent in.
  • Editorialish waffling about stuff that pops into our heads
  • Recorded forums (multiple people in the conversation)
  • Movie, Music and Game Reviews
  • Competitions - win stuff from the Agg Cave

Downloading/Subsciption Methods

there are other ways of attaining the Podcast other then the news page and the Wiki.

iTunes May require subscription.



Intro/Outro Music

The music from the intro and the outro is done by Perth band The Resonance.

Secret Sound

The secret sound is done by various forum members Further info available in this thread. If you can guess the right answer you can win amazing rare artifact or swag from Agg Cave. All have been hand selected by the one and only Agg himself

You too can also submit your secret sound all you need to do is Learn More. Remember it's important not to make it both too easy or difficult to guess

Secret Sounds
Episode Correct guess Winner
Episode 1 No sound -
Episode 2 Scissors snipping something Grosby
Episode 3 Screwing the nut thingy onto a dumbell bar Demented Freak
Episode 4 No sound -
Episode 5 No sound -
Episode 6 Someone falling off a chair Impression
Episode 7 A bottle cap being screwed onto a bottle anti-clockwise (wrong way) Impression
Episode 8 Someone rolling the scrolly thing on a mouse jizzz
Episode 9 Logitech Momo Racing Wheel unguessed
Episode 10 sound from episode 9 unguessed
Episode 11 sound from episode 9 zzzzz
Episode 12 iPod button n00by
Episode 13 An electric shaver Bearz
Episode 14 inserting a nintendo ds lite game into the console. zzzzz
Episode 15 no sound
Episode 16 someone doing up a shoelace (solved in Ep 20!) n00by


Sometimes bloopers are released during the editing process. Beware: bloopers usually contain swearing!

Agg Intro Blooper

Agg - Another blooper thing....

Andypoo vs Apache

More Information

Related Podcast Pages Licenced content in Podcast and Vodcast, Podcast:Episode 15 - Chainbolt discusses conroe (Transcript), OCAU Podcast Episode 25 Shownotes, Podcasts, OCAU-TV.

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