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OCAU Team Fortress 2 State of Origin (SoO)


OCAU Team Fortress 2 State of Origin is a TF2 (8v8) competition held by the Overclockers Australia TF2 community. It is open to all OCAU members, WP (and other forums) may also join in, providing they have an OCAU account. It is held in a spirit similar to that of the Rugby League SoO tournament, where members form teams based on their geographical location (what state they are in).


  • Games will be 8v8.
  • Matches start at 8pm AEST.
  • The following class restrictions apply:
    • A maximum of 2 demomen
    • A maximum of 2 medics
  • There will be no critical hits in SoO.
  • Weapon unlocks are allowed.
  • Clan tags, during matches have to be replaced with your state, eg [Vic] [QLD] etc.
  • Screenshots need to be taken at the end of each map to verify scores.
  • No spectators are allowed; source TV servers will be available for those wishing to view the matches.
  • The maps played in each match are listed in the match schedule.
  • mp_tournament mode will be used. For fastlane, if scores are tied at the end of time, then the game counts as a draw (and the winner of the match is whoever won goldrush)
  • Exploiting game or map bugs or flaws for an unfair advantage is prohibited, exploiters will be booted from the competition (note: spawn camping is not considered an exploit)

Rules are based on OzFortress rules, see: "OZFORTRESS RULES."
Ladder Rules:

  • Each team in the ladder is ranked on points (4 points for a win, 2 points for a tie, 0 points for a loss), with separation of teams on the same amount of wins by a best of 3 points on cp_fastlane.
  • It is essential to lodge the full scores of each map at the conclusion of a match (eg. QLD Fastlane 5-2, NSW Gravel 3-1, QLD Goldrush 7-7)
  • For the finals, the first placed team will play the 2nd placed team, and the 3nd placed team will play the 4th placed team for the grand finals contesting 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
  • In the Grand Finals, cp_gravelpit will be played. The map will be played with tournament mode on two times, one where a team will start on attack, and one where they will start on defence.

Season Results


Match Ladder

Match Ladder

Match Replays


To be fully ready to play on the nights, be fully updated, and be prepared to play the following maps.

  • cp_fastlane
  • cp_gravelpit
  • pl_goldrush
  • cp_dustbowl
  • cp_badlands
  • cp_granary


Season 1 is now finished, registrations will not open again until next season. Thanks for all that participated:

Queensland (Champions)

  • Buck Steel (c)
  • Jev
  • J*** (Jonsta)
  • Rubix³
  • Ret
  • Evangel
  • X
  • Simwah
  • Bioxeed
  • Rake
  • Jaker
  • Reanimated35

Victoria (Runners Up)

  • Fake
  • Fett
  • gaffy (c)
  • 11101101 (ed)
  • evlcookie
  • Xenomorph
  • Dan
  • Gameboy
  • Antari (tele)
  • Nezero
  • ker
  • vp
  • Herbo

New South Wales (Third Place)

  • Gigs (c)
  • Angel
  • AussieTemplar
  • simmy
  • Master Krang (MC)
  • NRGU (Shublar)
  • Betanumerical
  • Dman
  • breech
  • Pigz/Bacon
  • hoonda
  • G-PhresH
  • TheAvatar

Western Australia (Wooden Spoon)

  • Superdude
  • Seeker
  • Back Door Shenanigans
  • ravescar
  • Xsive
  • clippit
  • nem
  • xternal
  • Shalcar
  • Insidious

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