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Spore turned out to be an Epic fail. Do not buy this game unless you are under 13 years of age. Even then it's pushing it...

Most reviews of the game were released prior to the games release. In most cases of mainstream reviews, we can only assume the reviewer was bribed by EA to rate the game so highly. No one in their right mind would rate Spore as a good game. It's boring, repetitive, linear. Basically, it's all the things it said it wasn't going to be, and then some more.

Check out some of the Spore demo movies on google videos & youtube. There is more gameplay in these unreleased demos than what was released in the final game. Needless to say, if you buy this game you'll be disappointed, so much so, just like me, you won't be buying another EA & Maxis game ever.

Shame Will Wright, for shame.

TAGS: Spore, Worst, Game, Ever.

OCAU Sporepedia Listing

OCAU Name Sporepedia Link Favourite Alien Photo Favourite Youtube Users Creature Index
BurningFeetMan BurningFeetMan Preyantii ZOMG pretantii pwns!!!11!!one PBJT Banana BFM's Index
Feenicks Feenicks Tyrryblthyng Sad MOnster None Yet Users Creature Index
Glasnt Glasnt Gorilla Yep. A monkey. Spore: Peanut Butter Jelly Time Users Creature Index
Ospi OspiF1 Morx He will rip your head off and suck your guts out! Nothing Yet Users Creature Index
Radix Radix Homerus Early version of Homer! :) Nothing Yet Users Creature Index

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