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Trading Rules

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No Selling of New Items

The Overclockers Australia trading forums are for the sale of second-hand goods by private individuals.

The definition of New Items includes, but is not limited to:

  • Unused items
  • Mostly/almost new items
  • New exchanged items from RMA
  • Items still in their packaging
  • New/unused items with damaged packaging

Note: Current Sponsors and Advertisers are exempt from this rule, provided they keep their commercial offerings to the Sponsor Specials forum.

No Selling of Items in Bulk

Bulk sales/commercial quantities of any item are strictly prohibited.

This includes:

  • Systems
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones

Regardless of whether or not the items are new.

In certain situations, multiple items are allowed. For example, if you have recently upgraded your computer and have 2 CPUs from a dual configuration, or a bunch of similar fans from your machine.

Note: Current Sponsors and Advertisers are exempt from this rule, provided they keep their commercial offerings to the Sponsor Specials forum.

No Selling Items on the Behalf of Others

If the item(s) do not belong to you and/or you do not have them in your possession, please do not list them for sale on the forums.

Excessive Bumping is Prohibited

A bump is a post for no other purpose than to simply bring the thread to the top of the thread listing.

If you are not replying directly about the item(s) for sale with a legitimate question, offer to buy, or other relevant discussion, please do not post in the thread at all.

If you feel other people are bumping in your thread, it is your right and duty to report their posts to an administrator. If bumping behaviour is observed by other people in your thread, your thread is still at risk of being closed.

The thread starter may post one "bump" in any 24 hour period, but we recommend only doing so if you feel it is warranted to bring your thread to the top of the listing.

Forbidden Sale Items

Sale of the following items is not permitted on the Overclockers Australia forums:

  • Firearms or ammunition
  • Alcohol
  • Equipment or software that circumvents a TPM
  • OEM Software
  • Pirated or copyrighted content
  • Modded consoles
  • Mod chips
  • Adult content
  • Engineering sample hardware
  • Any item restricted for sale under any Australian law

Off-site Links and Possible Sales

The trading forums are for you to sell your items exclusively. They are not for posting links to sales on other sites, including eBay and other auction sites. Please also ensure you aren't selling your item on multiple forums at the same time. This behaviour may result in your thread being closed, and possible loss of access to the trading forums.

Also, if you don't fully intend on following through with your trade on the forums, please do not post it. We have a Price Check forum if you just want to get a rough value for your goods.

No Unauthorised Group Buys

Unless you have express permission from Agg, organising group buys for goods is not permitted.

No Thread Hijacking

If you have an item similar to one already for sale, create your own thread for the item. Do not jump into the thread or begin messaging people in the thread to advertise your item. This includes making comments such as "I can get this item at X price".

Wiki Notes

I, Andypoo, am trying to consolidate all the 'stricter' rules into this page, then will be creating a seperate page for recommendations/ethics/guidelines/etc. (temporary note)

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