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Juf, known as the OCAU football by those nearest and dearest to him, is loved by some, hated by many others is a valued member of OCAU. He resides in the Newbie Lounge and even has his very own thread which was stickied at one stage to try to reduce the number of pointless threads started by him. Some people have put forward ideas to make him an administrator of the Newbie Lounge due to his amazing amount of experience in being a newbie.

A forum member started an exciting new game entitled 'Guess what Juf will ask next!!!' in which, players from all around Australia once played, waiting on Juf's every word just waiting to see what will be said next. The game has since ended and all evidence of it has been wiped from existence (this wiki paragraph is a figment of your imagination).

Most people were naturally upset with Juf's banning on the 6/4/07. Without the ability to ask questions on OCAU, nobody knows whether Juf will be able to survive. There will also be no way to tell how he is coping with the situation. This is especially important as he has recently gone on a camping expedition; rumours on the forums suggest that he was eaten by a bear having forgotten to take a gun for protection (or possibly not knowing how to use one, as he was banned before he could ask).

Some famous quotes from Juf:
u hav 2 b stupid to believe u need to b smart to go 2 uni
i hav hi intelligence
we dont need a government , we should privatise everything.
what type of utes come in automatic? do those holden n ford utes come in auto?
if u got time to flame me, u got time to answer my questions.

After a long and bloody power struggle Jufs thread was closed, then reopened by Bern (one of Juf's best friends) and finally in a great show of defiance Agg closed the thread for good. This prompted Bern to ban Agg for 24 hours as per the no off topic posts in Juf thread rule imposed by Bern.
Juf has since been banned for posting a question outside of the newbie forum as per Bern's rule, and although there has been a thread asking for his unbanning, it still remains that he was banned for directly disobeying an admins rule, and therefore should stay banned.

It has been discovered that juf in his short time here managed to breed a ridiculous question virus (JUF1) that is slowly infecting everyone at OCAU. A cure for this virus will be to un-ban juf, so other people don't feel the need to compensate for the lack of stupid questions by asking such questions themselves.

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