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A wild Talleh in her natural habitat



Talleh is a highly organised vending machine developed by the CLAMP organisation, Press button, receive desu.


The Talleh is a magical being. She often can be found surfing the ocau forums, photoshopping obscene images, watching anime, or browsing Neko galleries.

Talleh surfing the OCAU forums

The girl, the geek and the gutless wonder

She uses a Mac so you have every right to ignore her (but be nice). talleh likes teh buttsecks

[Aldryic C'boas]

    - Talleh stole my pants!
    - Talleh fails at taking photos


The Talleh's many addictions include Pangya, Desu, Neko, Unreal Tournament, console gaming and anime.

Pangya being the worst of these you'll find her spamming "Neko Nyo Nya", "PANNNNNGGGGGYAAAA" and "MOTHER FUCKER I MISSED THE HOLE IN ONE (HIO) BY *x* YARDS (Y)". More swearing and cursing is usually included.

Another famous line which can be seen or encountered is "desudesudesudesudesudesudesudesudesudesu". This is best ignored and normal conversation resumed after the desu spasm.

Talleh's addiction, whatever the hell it is

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