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The Tankii


Tankii is one of the rare femmegeek species. She has a purple mohawk. The mysterious Tankii species came into existance when an experiment intended to embed the beneficial qualities of the Chameleon into human subjects went terribly wrong, resulting in a femmegeek, the opposite of the he-man that the experimenters had hoped for. The chameleon gene is concentrated in her hair follicles, giving her the amazing ability to change hair colour almost effortlessly.

Priestess Tankii

She joins Sheri and Talleh as priestesses of the hotness; who worship at the shrine of the hawt geek.

Currently on the shrine are;



<Lurks> Shrine?
<Sheri> TankTop and i are priestesses of the hotness
<Sheri> such as dakiller
<Sheri> and csimpson
<Lurks> well that counts me out
<Sheri> totally
<Sheri> im sorry, here have a bikkie instead
<Sheri> the society of untouchables is that way *me points* >>

Posted by MeowMix
Why are you always such a cranky man?
Posted by Tankii
Why are you always such a wingey bitch?

Session Start: Wed Sep 12 17:17:52 2007
Session Ident: redfin
[17:17:52] Session Ident: redfin (
[17:17:52] <redfin> hi
[17:17:59] <SgtMjrTank> hi
[17:18:04] <redfin> asl
[17:18:17] <SgtMjrTank> *raises an eyebrow*
[17:18:21] <SgtMjrTank> do i know you?
[17:18:53] <redfin> nar
[17:19:01] <SgtMjrTank> 10 / m / melbourne
[17:19:03] <redfin> im sam 21 australia
[17:19:06] <SgtMjrTank> *18 rather, oops
[17:19:56] <SgtMjrTank> ...hello?
[17:20:10] <redfin> huh
[17:20:16] <redfin> u gay
[17:20:22] <SgtMjrTank> im a guy?
[17:20:33] <SgtMjrTank> no, im not gay
[17:21:05] <SgtMjrTank> wait
[17:21:10] <redfin> ?
[17:21:34] <SgtMjrTank> you pm;d me because your in #geekchicks cause you thought i was a girl
and you would hit on me, i would giggle and smile and we would cyber and i'd send you pics of
'my' boobs. correct?
[17:22:11] <SgtMjrTank> don't be scared to say yes if its the truth, i dont judge.
[17:22:49] <redfin> yeh
[17:23:11] <redfin> why
[17:23:16] <SgtMjrTank> silly, girls don't exist on the internet.
[17:23:26] <redfin> ?
[17:23:59] <SgtMjrTank> there are no girls on the internet, i've been looking.
[17:24:19] <redfin> ok
[17:24:35] <SgtMjrTank> so, yea
[17:24:37] <SgtMjrTank> thanks for trying though
[17:24:45] <SgtMjrTank> i could always pretend if you like?
[17:30:39] No such nick
Session Close: Wed Sep 12 17:30:51 2007

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