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Sir Xavier Melbaz Franklex Rotchtickles, or Wayne 'Primate' Kruse to those of us not blessed with infallible pronunciation, is by far OCAU's most recognized and high promoted news monkey.


Born during an exceptionally hard winter in outback Australia to a family of lesser apes, Wayne was always destined to do great things. During his younger years, his talents of lice eating spread through the land and attention soon focused on this talented primate. It wasn't long before a crazy, technology loving and kilt wearing man offered Wayne a job on OCAU. Starting off as a humble news howler back in the the old days of 2005, he was quickly promoted through the news monkey ranks to reach 'Editor in Chimp'. During this period, he could often be seen swinging between the various news trees, collecting and then sharing the fruits of his research with the OCAU community.

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