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Xeon is Intels workstation and server product line, generally closely related to their mainstream product lines with regard to feature sets, Xeon however often gets extra features like large cache, SMP (symmetric MultiProcessor) support, as well as much stricter testing and QA (Quality Assurance). Xeon also comes with a substantially higher price tag.

The Xeon product line grew out of the very popular Pentium Pro line in the mid 1990s. Beginning with the Pentium II Xeon which allowed system builders the choice of a 4-way SMP computer. the continued with the Pentium III Xeon brining features of the new Pentium III core to the Xeon product line (SSE, smaller die size, higher clock speeds). With Intels jump to the NetBurst architecture ala Pentium 4, the Xeon line was renamed simple Xeon (ie. the Pentium name was dropped).

Intels Xeon Product Site

Pentium II Xeon

More Info Coming

Pentium III Xeon

More Info Coming


Intels latest iteration of the Xeon product line based of the NetBurst achitecture. Starting a a speed of 1.6GHz on a 400FSB right up to a 3.6GHz 800FSB 2MB cache upper limit, with dual core options coming.

This Xeon line has seen many new technologies been introduced, and for the first time, some of them introduced in the Xeon line before the mainstream Pentium 4 line.

  • Front Side Bus Speeds
    • 400FSB (100MHz QDR)
    • 533FSB (133MHz QDR) Introduced with the 'Prestonia' core
    • 667FSB (166MHz QDR) Found on XeonMP processors only
    • 800FSB (200MHz QDR) Introduced with the 'Nocona' core
  • Variable Multipliers (not available on the mainstream line)
    However the multiplier can not be set higher than stock, only lower.
  • Instruction Set Extensions
    • MMX
    • SSE
    • SSE2
    • SSE3 Introduced with the 'Nocona' core
    • EM64T Introduced with the 'Nocona' core

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