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Agg, directing forum traffic.

James "Agg" John Sebastian Carey Matthew Atticus Mary Rolfe is the owner, father, lover and slave to the remorseless communal entity which is Overclockers Australia.



Born in 1975, he was raised by English wolves, then by a Bermuda-based biker gang, and then by Australian wolves, who were distant relatives. He finally graduated to full humanity status in early 1996, just in time for the end of the Grunge era.

After working for some time in the corporate slave ranks, he ached for a new way of life, and thus, OCAU was formed. Part dictatorship, part communist commune, part socialist paradise, all sexual revolution, OCAU is many things to many people, but to Agg, it is the monster that is part of him, and he is part of it.

Agg currently resides in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia with his wife, their son, four bikes, two dogs, a gokart, 300 computers, a small French truck, 20 boxes of OCAU merchandice, a tank of fish and a rattling, well-ventilated bongo van.

Agg spends his days drinking beer, making bad puns, and doing all manner of things Overclockers Australia related. He enjoys long hair, karting, deer, biking, pro-am beard growing (In the popular "Triumphant" class), mispronouncing names, limiting personal odors and bracing, naked walks in the city.

Known family members,

Wife: Mrs Agg.
Son: Will.
Cousins, many: distant cousins

A wild Agg in his natural habitat

Involvement in OCAU

He owns, runs and loves it.

Various OCAU activities include:
- Article generation.
- Article editing.
- Server administration.
- Forum administration.
- IRC channel administration.
- OCAU wiki development.
- Basically, everything.


Agg and his wife, Annette have welcomed their first child, William, on the 28th of December, 2006. Baby and mother are happy and healthy.


"Hi, I'm Agg and this is my User Page. I'd like to say I run OCAU, but the truth is I just started it, a long time ago. Now, it's run by a small army of volunteers, with thousands of regular users."

"I also enjoy sitting outside on a tree stump using my laptop to haxor the internet with my wireless connection.... I sometimes wish I bought a chair....."

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