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(Iron Folder Interview)
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'''What is your OCAU username & Folding name?'''
'''What is your OCAU username & Folding name?'''
Cozbert, but I fold for the boky subteam
'''What is the meaning or significance of your OCAU username, if any?'''
'''What is the meaning or significance of your OCAU username, if any?'''

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[edit] Iron Folder Interview

What is your OCAU username & Folding name?

Cozbert, but I fold for the boky subteam

What is the meaning or significance of your OCAU username, if any?

It’s a nickname that evolved from when I was a kid.

Which month and year did you win Iron Folder?


How many F@H points do you have?

15 mil

How many boxen do you have?


When did you start folding for Team 24?

2006 but been folding for boky for maybe a year and a half now?

What is your average F@H points per month?

Depends on what machines I have running during the month.

Any other DC projects?


How many boxen do you have running the following clients?

Regular client — 0

SMP client — 1 – 3 Depending on weather

GPU client — 2 – 4 Depending on weather

PS3 client — 1 – mostly use it for the monkey challenges.

What operating system do you primarily use?

Windows7 / xp


Colby Dahlin


Whyalla S.A




Computers, Cars, Firearms

Are you married, single, etc?


Does your significant other, assuming you have one, support your F@H activities?

Yes, she used to donate her pc to the cause before it died.

Congratulations on being chosen the Iron Folder for the month. How does it feel to be chosen by your peers for such a prestigious award?

It’s an honor, but its trevors hard work that has put boky on the map.

Why do you think you were chosen?

Dedication due to the help of certain people reminding me.

Why do you participate in Folding?

Due to the history of illnesses in my family.

If Folding could find a cure for just one disease tomorrow, which one would it be and why?

Cancer because it has affected several members of my family.

What would you like Team 24, to know about you, that might surprise them?


Where do you see your folding activities in the next year or two?

Would like to build a new dedicated f/box so I don’t have to run several machines.

Have you been successful borging? If so, what kind of borging worked for you?

Have run the client on a couple of servers and pc’s that I look after for a local business.

Any ideas on improving the DC subforum, or suggestions or improvements for our Team?


What challenges have you faced in your F@H efforts?

Keeping all the parts that I acquire for my folding rigs working.

How much do you spend on F@H? If you consider equipment, electricity, and other activities that support F@H... how much of your life has DC’ing consumed?

Not too much until my f/box falls over =)

Do you have friends, family, or neighbors that know about your F@H activities? What do they think?

Don’t really understand why.

Do you game? If so, how long and what types do you prefer? Consoles or PC?

I am an avid PC gamer mostly with the CS and BF series, im part of a clan and help run a couple of gaming communities.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

On behalf of Team 24, I thank you as well for your contributions to this team and I thank you for your time to talk about it. Keep on folding!