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Extreme Cooling

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The information below has been copied from this sticky in the Extreme Cooling forum.


Forum Guidelines and Introduction

Please check this thread for updates: Extreme Cooling Forum Introduction and Conduct

Welcome to the Extreme Cooling Forum

This forum is intended for discussion of cooling that is beyond the standard air-cooling that people use. If you're new to this, or just want to ask for advice, don't be afraid to ask.

This includes cooling solutions such as:

Water-cooling (now becoming less "extreme" than it used to be) Bong/Evaporative tower use Peltier/TEC use Phase-change use such as refrigerators, Vapochills/Prometia's, or air-conditioners Dry Ice Liquid Nitrogen Something new and exciting, such as helium heat exchangers

The Extreme Cooling forum is not to be used for questions about standard air-cooling heatsinks, whether they be for the CPU or the video card. Please use the "Overclocking and Hardware Discussion" for posts of that nature.

Extreme Cooling IRC channel

Please check this thread for updates:

An Extreme Cooling IRC channel is open on To participate you need to:

1) Get yourself an IRC client. For windows users the most popular free client is mIRC . Another popular client is BitchX and it's available for Linux, too.

2) Using your client software, connect to an server. is not the most reliable network in the universe, and sometimes people have trouble connecting to servers. Try a few, for example:

  • (try this one first)

3) Once you've connected to a server, type "/join #excooling" and there we are!

Keep in mind that spamming, flooding, being abusive or otherwise being an idiot will get you kicked or banned if you persist. See you there.

Other Wiki Pages

Interesting Forums Thread and Articles

The below links are intended to be a collection of links to posts that would classify for "Sticky" status, being useful informational threads contained in the OCAU Extreme Cooling Forum that are of benefit for new and old users alike.

FAQ's and Parts Guides

rubba-chikin's Closed Loop Watercooling Tutorial

Bravo's Collection of Installation, FAQs, and Guides

Divi8's Guide to Tubing and Hosing

l00b3r's Water Cooling Components Guide

Collection of 12V Pumps that can run off a computer PSU

Good thread sharing experiences with various 120mm fans for radiators

Pippin88's 3-tap guide for easy filling/bleeding of your WC system

Cathar's Pump Information Guide

DIY & Modding Guides

Cathar's guide to radiator shroud construction

Volenti's pictorial guide to modding a submerisible-only pump to run in-line

OCAU Waterblock Design Corner

CaMMo's implementation of Sciencewhiz's Lamiflow waterblock design

Cathar's "White Water" waterblock design thread

Cathar's "Cascade" waterblock design thread

Tuff's "Spread Bore Injection MicroCup" waterblock design thread

Evaporative Cooling Creations

Overclocker' introduction to personal evaporative cooling towers

Volenti's amazing evaporative cooling creation

TomC's compact milk-crate evaporative cooler cube

666666's huge outdoor's evaporative cooling tower

Vindaloo and Froodogs basic evaporative cooler construction guide

QUAZAR's slick 6' tall wire-lit ECT

Peltier-based Water-chilling Experiences

Experiments in TEC based water-chilling

TEC based water chilling applied to an actual system

Pump Information

Cathar's "How much pump is enough/too much" selection guide

Australia Pump Vendor's Guide

Iwaki Pumps Discussion

Eheim PQ Curves

Good Davies-Craig 12VDC Pump Information

Modding a Heto 2800/3800 for Inline Use

Phase Change Information

Phase-Change Agg's introduction to the refrigeration cycle Silver_Platinum's excellent collection of "Everything you need to know about phase-change" links

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