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Homebrew Recipes

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Here's a list of homebrew recipes for people to try, sorted by style and by difficulty.


Beginner recipes

These recipes are well suited to the new homebrewer. They're mainly of the 'kit and kilo' style, with, some cases, additional hops added as well.


Brewcraft Czech Pilsener


  • Brewcraft Czech Pilsener can
  • Brewcraft Brew Converter #62 (includes hops)
  • 500gm light malt extract (optional)

Volume - 21L

Comments This was one of the first brews I made, and it turned out very well. So well, in fact, the batch is already half-gone, and I'm planning on doing another one of these soon!

Intermediate recipes

These recipes are targetted more to the brewer who's looking to make some variations on kit and kilo recipes. These will often include mashing small amounts of grain, but will rely predominantly on kits/malt extracts.

Name: Winkie Ale

Type: Extract

Style: Aussie Ale inspired by Cooper's Pale and Mild Ales.

Quantity: 20L

estimated IBU 36

est colour 8.9SRM

OG 1.045

est FG 1.012

est ABV 4.5%

Ingredients required:

  1. 1can Cooper's Pale Ale hopped extract
  2. 1KG Light Dry Malt
  3. 100gm Crystal Malt
  4. 15gm Pride of Ringwood Hops
  5. 10 grams Saaz hops
  6. 1 packet Safale04 yeast

Four Intermediate level brewing steps required:

1 Steeping grain

Steep 100gm crystal malt for 30 minutes at around 55 degrees

Sparge with 1L of water at around 75 degrees.

2 Boiling hops

5L boil (including 1L sparge water and 1kg LDM) for 30 minutes,

add 15gm POR as soon as boil is achieved

add 10gm Saaz 5 minutes prior to turning off heat

3 Proofing Yeast

add yeast from sachet to a glass of sanitary water (e.g. boiled the night before), stir and cover

after 5 minutes add a teaspoon of malt or other fermentable material.

frothing at surface indicates yeast is alive and ready for pitching.

4 Racking beer

When you have recorded 3 consecutive gravity readings (24 hours apart) and the gravity is near the estimated FG the beer is ready to rack.

Sanitise your 2nd fermenter and a length of food grade tubing.

Ensure empty fermener's tap is off.

Very slowly and gently pour beer from tap through tube into the bottom of the second fermenter leaving the yeast cake behind.

Do not transfer the last of the 'dregs' as it will probably tranfer sediment too.

Optional: Keep some of the yeast cake in a sanitary airtight container for future brewing.

Optional: Add 15gm of Saaz (in a hopbag) to empty fermenter prior to racking

Advanced recipes

These recipes are usually all-grain recipes, intended for experienced brewers with the necessary specialist equipment.


Maiden Voyage Pale Ale



  • 4kg Joe White ale malt
  • .3kg Medium Crystal Malt


  • 15g Chinook - bittering
  • 10g Cascade - flavour
  • 10g Cascade - aroma


  • SafAle US-56


  • 23L


  • Single infusion mash @ 66C for 90 minutes
  • Boil 60 minutes
  • Ferment 1 week @ 18C

Comments This is the first full size (23L) all-grain brew my brewery has produced. Reminiscent of (not a clone of) Little Creatures Pale Ale. Around 35IBU, ABV 3.5% - a very tasty designated driver brew.

ANC's IPA to die for



  • 5kg Marris Otter ale malt
  • .25kg Dark Crystal Malt (120)


  • 30g 60 minutes high aa bittering hop to add about 25-35 IBU
  • 30g 60 minutes EKG or other english hop to add about 10-15 IBUs (optional)
  • 50g flameout EKG or other english hop to add flavour
  • 10g flameout Saaz or other bouquet hop (optional)


  • SafAle 04 or preferably english liquid least, e.g. London Ale


  • 20L


  • Single infusion mash @ 66C for 90 minutes
  • Boil 90 minutes
  • Pitch a large starter of top quality english yeast or large Cooper's bottle culture
  • Ferment as cool as possible, around 17 deg.

Comments part of ANC's english ale progression This is my favourite beer of all time from any source, (brewed by me to my taste preferences). It is rich and malty with copious flavour from the pungently herbal but delicately grassy hops. It is a lustrous coppery amber in colour with a dense off-white head and strong lacing. At 6% ABV is gives a warm glow and never fails to make the drinker a sigh of contentment, but is not too strong to stress the yeast or be a danger to sensible drivers.

I gave out one bottle of this to about a dozen beer-loving friends and family for Christmas and without exception rather than thinking I was a cheapskate each recipient contacted me to rave about the beer and learn more about it.

The simple ingredients list should make this an easy brew for a beginer looking to try an AG brew, since the OG is high an ineficient mash would not be a problem.

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