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Great article: "Why Linux Has Zealots":

People get very angry at Linux Zealots, and while I understand that the average Linux Zealot is pushy and vocal (myself included), it's important that people understand WHY we are pushy and vocal. Linux, and all the associated projects, are about YOUR FREEDOM. It's not about money, it's not about hating Microsoft, and it's not about trying to be cheap.

Linux is popular for the same reason we live in a democratic society. The power needs to be in the hands of the users, and not of one minority group. As we rely more and more on technology, users need to ask themselves if the technology they use has their interests at heart or not. If not, then users need to ask themselves if there's something else out there that does, and if that's a better option.

Linux is primarily a political movement (well, GNU is at least, but Linux has a lot to do with it). And while it suffers the same disadvantages as any community, committee, or government run organisation, the advantages are loud and clear: the end users win at the end of the day, because the software is about their personal, professional freedom. As the future moves on and software begins to help us with more and more - our identity, our political and voting systems, our tax systems, our medical systems - end users need to ask themselves if they trust the software and the people writing the software that control these systems, and ultimately our very lives.

It's more than just your desktop OS. Much more.

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