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Notable Forums Members

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OCAU is a community-driven entity, featuring many people spending their personal time in various endeavours and projects. Listed below are the major areas and people involved.



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Senior Administrators

  • Agg - "OCAU runs on the power of shattered dreams, and we lubricate its inner workings with freshly-squeezed kitten juice."
  • Ma Baker - In November 2006, Ma Baker was promoted to Forum Manager. She deals with the day-to-day running of the forums.

Forum-wide Administrators

  • Admiral
  • Andypoo
  • Bern
  • gords
  • Jab
  • Manaz
  • sabretooth
  • Sciby
  • VooDoo
  • Wolfy

Other notable OCAU areas and affiliates

Team OCAU - Distributed Computing

  • Bollocks - Our leader, our captain, our most passionate folder
  • Lombers - OCAU Folding's founding father - he started our first team in F@H v1
  • Teddy2

OCAU Podcasts

  • Sciby - Regular co-host, has no hair, lubricates his vocal cords for each podcast with beer. Enjoys ranting.
  • Andypoo - Eats a lot of pizza, runs the PC store, Secretnet, and contains far too much intelligence for one man.
  • thetron - A noted "a notorious gangster", invited on as the third guest spot from time-to-time.
  • Darkness - Man of fire who spends time investigating and reporting on the latest game demos and software of interest.

OCAU:Drive News

  • Hoopstar
  • Matex


  • Darkness - Administrator of the OCAU.MC motorcycle club.

Notable Forum Members

  • Chainbolt
  • Chris Nolan
  • eva2000
  • Mred32
  • Rogue
  • juf

Not Notable Forum Members

  • BurningFeetMan
  • Fester2001

Notable Dickheads

  • Dink

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