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OCAU Mi Goreng Noodles Club

Revision as of 23:57, 24 April 2007 by Brodiepearce (Talk | contribs)

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The Overclockers Australia Mi Goreng Noodles Club is an online community within the forums that has been established to appreciate the Mi Goreng range of instant noodles made by Indomie, a subsidiary brand of the Indofood company.



There is a reasonably detailed wikipedia article on Mi Goreng noodles here:, however a short detail is called for. It is not entirely known how long the Mi Goreng range of noodles from Indomie have been in the market, however, they have gained a cult status in many countries, particularly among computer enthusiasts and those on a tight budget E.g. students. A short discussion about Mi Goreng noodles on IRC led to the proposal of a club, and so here we are, now with a club thread, official forums signiature tag, and a wiki article!

Joining The Club

Joining the club is easy, just make a post in the Club Thread registering your interest, and any particular member number you might like (otherwise you'll be given one in the order you joined).

Sig Tag

To flaunt your exclusive membership to other OCAU Forumgoers, you can add the following line of code to your sig (you might have to make room for it, maximum of 5 lines remember!):

For the default forum theme use:

[URL=][SIZE=1][B][COLOR=Red]Mi[/COLOR] [COLOR=Orange]Gor[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]eng[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Orange] Noo[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]dle[/COLOR][COLOR=Orange] Cl[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]ub[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=Black] member #<insert member number>[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL]

For sabretooth's forum theme use:

[URL=][SIZE=1][B][COLOR=Red]Mi[/COLOR] [COLOR=Orange]Gor[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]eng[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Orange] Noo[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]dle[/COLOR][COLOR=Orange] Cl[/COLOR][COLOR=Red]ub[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=White] member #<insert member number>[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL]

(In case you didn't notice, the only difference between the two is a change in the text colour of "Member 3'x'" to better suit each theme for readibility). Don't forget to replace "<insert member number>" with your member number, and to remove the gap between the two lines (otherwise they will appear as two different lines in the forums)!


There are now 25 forum members spreading the good snack:

  • #01 - brodiepearce
  • #02 - Statts
  • #03 - OhFoRkMe
  • #04 - EvilGnomes
  • #05 - Narcoticx2
  • #06 - necrotic
  • #07 - johnamadeus
  • #08 - insidious
  • #09 - Ambush
  • #10 - DraGoN-BoY
  • #11 - Active Snail
  • #12 - poppinfresh
  • #13 - ma77]
  • #14 - RakOon
  • #15 - T1tan
  • #16 - CaptnMooCow
  • #17 - bolex17
  • #18 - SSJX
  • #19 - jas0nt
  • #20 - cpl_punish
  • #23 - GreyWolfe01
  • #30 - karnage112
  • #69 - Jaymo
  • #888 - Barca888
  • #2374 - intrasonic


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