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OCAU Podcast Episode 25 Shownotes

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* Crysis
* Crysis
Multiplayer beta: http://www.ausgamers.com/files/details/html/31115
Multiplayer beta: http://www.ausgamers.com/files/details/html/31115
===Seam Carving===
===Seam Carving===

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Here's more info about the topics discussed in Episode 25 of the OCAU Podcasts. Enjoy!


Misc Bits

Google Lunar X Prize


  • Bioshock

Various Bioshock files: http://www.ausgamers.com/files/browsegame/html/1/1338

  • World in Conflict

Internode "Week in Conflict": http://games.internode.on.net/content.php?mode=news&id=1904

Various World in Conflict files: http://www.ausgamers.com/files/browsegame/html/2/1315

  • Crysis

Multiplayer beta: http://www.ausgamers.com/files/details/html/31115

Seam Carving

Good video explaining it: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6NcIJXTlugc

Implementation by dVenator: http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=611251

Another implementation: http://www.thegedanken.com/retarget/

Lots more information: http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1276377.1276390&coll=portal&dl=ACM&CFID=15151515&CFTOKEN=6184618

Sciby in Japan