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Pentium 4

From OCAU Wiki

The Pentium 4 Processor is the next generation standard setter for home computing today.


  • This core, starting out as the Willamette Core made the debut at 1.5Ghz or so and then later at 1.3 and 1.4 once some refinements had been made.
  • Northwood was the chip for introducing a technology known as Hyper Threading Technology. (Also referred commonly to HT or HTT). This is where the processor has two logical cores that split the work up in to two sections, and gets it done more efficiently, and quicker.
  • Then the Prescott was released, boasting speeds of over 3.4Ghz, however did not deliver as well as expected, due to a larger latency between the core and the cache. Also, the Prescott is renowned by it's incredible heat output and tolerance and power consumption.
  • The next leap for Intel was the Smithfield processor core (Actually, it is two Prescotts, but the name Prescott 2M was given to the 64BIT version of the cpu already). This has torn holes in the sound barrier as far as number crunching power goes as it boasts the ability to bear 2 hyper threading cores on the one die, totalling in 4 logical processors!
  • The final core in the P4 series, dubbed Cedar Mill is expected to have made an improvement on the heat issue of Prescotts and will have a whopping 2MB cache. To be released in 2006.

Mobile Processors

  • Mobile Pentium 4 Processors are great. These are a full version of the desktop chip, modified to use over half the power, so making them great for laptops. The Pentium M is a highly efficient mobile processor designed around portability. It uses less power, and produces less heat, but without the performance comprimise. This chip runs of a slower speed core, but does more work per clock cycle, much like AMD processors. This chip will also save the battery life of the laptop.

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