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Team Fortress 2/Roll Call

Revision as of 16:46, 28 December 2007 by Nrgu (Talk | contribs)

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OCAU Team Fortress 2 Roll Call

Attention! Everyone please register your interest in organised games on the form below! If you are unable to edit the form, contact one of the OCAU steam mods via steam chat, or post in the OCAU Team Fortress 2 Forums.

IMPORTANT! Log into OCAU Steam chat half an hour prior to each organised match to sort out players and warm ups. Most games have been starting at 8pm (7pm QLD), so try to log into the chat for 7:30pm. As you can see we have many players interested in these matches, so organisation is the key. Do not log in at 8pm and expect to be on a team!

OCAU Username TF2 Username Preferred Class - 1, 2, 3, 4 Stats Raw (Friday) Smackdown (Saturday)
Crimm [OCAU] Crimm Scout (love the SCAT-ter gun) - I THINK SO BADGER
BurningFeetMan [OCAU] BurningFeetMan I play everything. Link YES BADGER
talking_goat [OCAU] eazycompany all cept scat, laserman and spy. Link YES YES
simwah [OCAU] Sim Anything Link YES YES
Narcoticx2 [OCAU] Narcoticx2 Everything 'cept Scout. Link YES (1st!) NO :(
Duo [OCAU] Duo Scout, Soldier, Spy, Engi Link BADGER BADGER
Skit [OCAU] skitau Laserman, Demoman, Medic, Engineer Link BADGER BADGER
Jaker [OCAU] Jaker Pyro Link AWOL AWOL
Scorpion121 [OCAU]Skorpion Soldier, Spy, Medic, Demo Link BADGER BADGER
Gigs [OCAU] Gigs Heavy Link UNSET BADGER
t3zza You Sunk my Battleship Soldier, Heavy, Medic Link BADGER BADGER
Statts [OCAU] Statts Heavy Link BADGER BADGER
NRGU [OCAU] Shublar Engi, Soldier, Pyro, Demo Link Somewhere in Japan Somewhere in Japan
Fettrix [OCAU N00b] Fett Engineer, Sniper, Heavy Link BADGER BADGER
Buckwah [OCAU] Buck Steel Soldier, Medic, Sniper Link YES YES
WarpSpider74 [OCAU] WarpSpider74 Engineer, Medic Link BADGER BADGER
151528 [OCAU] Deus Ex Machina Heavy, Medic, Pyro, Scout Link BADGER BADGER
wheelydude_13 [OCAU] Wheelydude_13 Sniper, Heavy, Pyro, Scout Link BADGER BADGER
Herbo [OCAU] -eQ- Herbo Heavy, Engi, Soldier Link BADGER BADGER
yucatan [OCAU] nem Delicious Milk Man Link MUSHROOM MUSHROOM
Spoon69 [OCAU] -eQ- Custard-Undies Medic, Engineer Link BADGER BADGER
Bronsy or -=G=- [OCAU] Bronsy Demoman, Soldier, Medic Link BADGER BADGER
RoSWeLL [OCAU] Ros Demonman, Pyro, Solider, Engi, SPY Link YES YES
Nobby [OCAU] Nobby! Medic, Soldier, Heavy Link BADGER BADGER
MatterHorn [OCAU] MatterHorn Medic, Soldier Link BADGER BADGER
nikloas [OCAU] niklaos Medic, Engi, Spy, Pyro Link BADGER BADGER
othy othy Sniper, Medic, Soldier Link BADGER BADGER
DaveQB [OCAU] DaveQB Demoman, Pyro, Medic, Engineer Link BADGER BADGER
PsychoSmiley [OCAU] PsychoSmiley Sniper, Soldier, Medic, Pyro Link BADGER BADGER
dmcdude [OCAU] nAsTyCaNaStA Soldier, Medic, Demoman, Engi Link BADGER BADGER
Assasinator_2 [LLJK] Fat Man Demoman, Soldier, Pyro, Medic Link BADGER BADGER
hoonda75 [OCAU] hoonda75 Heavy, Engi, Medic, Demo [1] BADGER BADGER
w@sted [OCAU] w@sted All Link BADGER BADGER
Ze. [OCAU] Ze Pyro, Scout, Demoman, Whatever Link BADGER BADGER
lulow Bob Pyro, Engineer, Demoman Link yes yes
El.Sean [OCAU] ElDestructo Pyro, Demoman, Medic Link BADGER BADGER
Jarnzie [OCAU] Jarnz Medic, Engineer, Demoman Link BADGER BADGER
Rubberband [OCAU] Rubberband Engineer, Demoman, Medic Link BADGER BADGER
csimpson [OCAU] Cam Engineer, Heavy Link BADGER BADGER
Xenomorph [OCAU] Xenomorph [Lab] All except Spy Link BADGER BADGER
mrayner [OCAU]Rayna Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Heavy Link BADGER BADGER
Thhhza [OCAU] Thhhza All except Heavy & Sniper Link BADGER BADGER
AndyCosmonaut unmanned Soldier, Medic Link BADGER BADGER
Sir Poppin Pants of the Awesome Medic, Soldier, Demo Link BADGER BADGER
checkers [OCAU] checkers Any but sniper/heavy/spy Link BADGER BADGER
r8response [OCAU] Bullz3y3 Spy, Medic, Scout Link BADGER BADGER
AMD64 [ I ] Betanumerical Sniper, Scout, Demoman, Pyro Link BADGER BADGER
ArTy [OCAU] ArTy Medic, Spy, Soldier, Sniper Link BADGER BADGER
Edstructicon [OCAU] Bingis Scout, Soldier, Pyro Link BADGER BADGER
Lou [OCAU] Choko Demoman, Pyro, Scout, Engineer Link BADGER BADGER
peterz trailblazer Soldier, Medic Link BADGER BADGER
Sobbsy [OCAU] Sobek Soldier, Scout, Spy, Sniper Link BADGER BADGER
Benzini [OCAU] Benzini Engineer, Soldier, Medic, Sniper Link BADGER BADGER
Tornhelm [OCAU] Trogdor Whatever is needed Link BADGER BADGER
insidious [OCAU] insidious Soldier, Medic, Spy, Pyro. No Sniper. Link BADGER BADGER
Oblong Cheese [OCAU] Oblong Cheese Soldier, Engineer, Medic, Scout. Link YAR YAR
Eamonf [OCAU] Drazen Soldier, Engineer, Heavy, Demo Link BADGER BADGER
Cypher [OCAU] Cypher Engineer, Heavy, Spy, Medic. Link BADGER BADGER
predder [OCAU] predder Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Pyro Link BADGER BADGER
Coyote [OCAU] Coyote Demo, Pyro, Soldier, Medic Link BADGER BADGER
Critical_Impact [OCAU] Critical_Impact Pyro, Heavy, Medic - YES BADGER
Evangel [OCAU] Evangel Demoman, Medic, Scout Link I AM THE UBERMENSCH! Danke, herr doctor!
Bosk [OCAU] Bosk I suck with all of them Link BADGER BADGER
rodgrech [OCAU] rodgrech Heavy, Engineer (If Desperate) Link BADGER BADGER
faceboy88 A$$]PossiblyNotBob Soldier, Scout, Demoman Link BADGER BADGER
bucsta [OCAU] bucsta Pyro, Spy, Soldier, Engineer Link BADGER BADGER
Esoteric [OCAU] Plonker Soldier, Scout, Engineer, Heavy Link BADGER BADGER
Szemen Szemen Medic, Engineer, Scout, Soldier, Heavy Link BADGER BADGER
breech [OCAU] breech Medic, Engineer, Pyro, Heavy, Scout. Link BADGER BADGER
neowolf [OCAU] neowolf Medic, Heavy, Demoman, Soldier. Link Why wouldn't I be? Very much so
Rahk [OCAU] Rahk Sniper, Spy, Demoman, Scout Link Should be Probably
.Snips [OCAU] .Snips Every Class cept Pyro Link Its a Definite yes If im online then yes
bioxeed LAG*sonic.Gorilla Medic, Soldier, Heavy, Engi and occasionally Scout Link BADGER BADGER
eixt [OCAU] xternal Demoman, Engineer, Medic, Heavy or Soldier Link BADGER BADGER
Raptor_Eye Raptor_Eye - Link BADGER BADGER
nickowns -te- nicky All Link BADGER BADGER
CordlezToaster CordlezToaster All Link YES YES
11101101 [OCΛU] 11101101 Medic, Scout, Soldier, Pyro Link lets go with yes Maybe
Lasmi [OCAU] Red] Engineer, Demo, Medic, Scout/Heavy Link BADGER BADGER
evlcookie [evlcookie] Soldier and anything else /shrug. Link Sure Sure
gameboy [OCAU]gameboy Spy, pyro, sniper and medic. Link Sure Sure
`X' [OCAU]`X Heavy, Engy, Medic, Spy Link BADGER BADGER
angelessme [OCΛU] angelessme Medic Link DANKE HERR DOKTOR
Dom. [OCΛU] DOMinator Medic, Spy and scout Link YES YES
porridge [OCΛU] porridge I Play any Class Link YES YES
bustin [OCΛU] Bustin Soldier,Medic,Engie,Heavy. Link NO YES
Feza [OCAU] Feza Heavy!!!!! Link YES YES

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