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Team Fortress 2/stupidity

Revision as of 11:18, 27 July 2008 by Nrgu (Talk | contribs)

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OCAU Team Fortress 2 Stupidity

Stupidity games (aka SUPER FANTASTIC LUCKY HAPPY FUN NIGHTS) are basically games where we do stupid things. Nothing serious, meant to be completely FUN only. Of course, there are times when we do manage to achieve great things - Example

These stupidity games were popular during the Summer 07/08, but declined rapidly at the commencement of the new educational year. We're looking at bringing stupid back (yeah, yeah), possibly making it a regular event on top of the OCAU/WP scheduled matches.


Listed below are just a few examples of the game-types that can be played:

  • Fire Wall : Essentially the haduken taunt vs sentry guns. 1 team of Medic/pyros vs 1 team of engies with level 1 sentries. Pyros can taunt only, Engies can NOT do anything.
  • Fisticuffs : Melee battles, heavy punchup Example
  • HuddaHudda: 2 teams of pyros, haduken only
  • Weapon of Choice: Team deathmatch with ONE weapon only. Winner (based on survivor with LEAST health) gets to pick the next weapon.
  • DaisyChain: 1 team of medics vs 1 team of pyros w/ air blast. Medics can only saw, pyros can do whatever. (Ubersaws recommended)
  • Class Act : 12 v 12 spies with cloak/disguise kit/knife ONLY
  • Pyrotechnique : 12 v 12 pyros, flare gun and AIRBLAST only. (axe only when EVERYONE has no ammo)
  • Building Disaster: Sentry gun wars.
  • Dodge This: Heavies (fists) vs unscoped snipers
  • Makin Bacon: 12+ Heavies FISTS ONLY vs 1 Engie (Sentry Gun + wrench)
  • Texas Roulette: 12 Teleporters built by red, BLU must stand on the exits. 1 RED person takes an exit. Repeat until only 1 survivor
  • Get Behind me Doctors : 1 Heavy, 11 Medics per team. ONLY the heavy can attack. if the heavy dies, the team loses. No uber/critz. Example
  • KaBOOM! : Everyone demoman, sticky up a shipping container and everyone crowds inside. Detonate on count of 3, survivor wins. (if more than 1 survivor, must bottle to the death) - friendly fire ON makes this more fun.Example

Match Schedule

The next scheduled stupidity night is Sunday 27 July 2008 at 8pm AEST. Server booking is for 4 hours, but we don't expect everyone to stay the entire length. (Just join us for even an hour and have some fun!)


To be fully ready to play on the night, the main ones you ought to have (apart from standard) are:

  • cp_jailbreak_b3
  • dm_JunkyardWars_b1
  • duel_duel2


Register your interest below: (Server details - we already have a server booked - will be posted during the day on Sunday, please stay tuned!)

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