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Useful Photography Websites

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Basic Camera Handling

An awesome guide by Canon teaching all there is to know about digital cameras , how to they work and how to use their features correctly to get good shots. Very worthwhile a read, if you own any kind of digital camera - Canon or otherwise.

Look under "techniques". It is an excellent introduction on how to compose pictures.

Look under "articles". Photonotes has THE most extensive discussion of Canon EOS flash I have ever seen.

Maintained by Canadian Edwin Leong. He has a Nikon bias but has an excellent online book on how to use your camera.

Petteri Sulonen's webpage. Superb articles on composition and how lens choices affect your photography.

Plenty of articles on photography and selling your pictures.

How to clean your CMOS - a guide to cleaning your CCD/CMOS sensor with lots of pictures.

Excellent info on camera handling and how to photograph subjects such as flowers, the moon. Also has a good glossary.

Manuals for Canon EOS cameras.

DSLR Photography - Basic info about SLR cameras

Advanced Camera links

Medium Format

Camera review and info websites

Photoshop Tips and Tutorials

Online camera stores