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Revision as of 09:56, 7 April 2007 by Fester2001 (Talk | contribs)

Juf, loved by some, hated by others is a valued member of OCAU. He resides in the Newbie Lounge and even has his very own thread which was stickied at one stage due to its importance. Some people have put forward ideas to make him an administrator of the newbie lounge due to his amazing amount of experience in being one.

Juf has also started an exciting new game Entitled what Juf will ask next!!! Player from all around Australia are playing waiting on jufs every word just waiting to see what will be said next.

Most people where Naturally upset with Juf's banning on the 6/4/07, No one really knows if JUF will survive on his own, not being able to ask questions on OCAU and there will be no way to tell how he is copping or even if he is still alive, there have been rumors on the forms that he may have been eaten by a bear on his camping expedition and fears that he may have forgotten to take a gun to protect himself

Some famous quotes from juf: u hav 2 b stupid to believe u need to b smart to go 2 uni i hav hi intelligence we dont need a government , we should privatise everything.

what type of utes come in automatic? do those holden n ford utes come in auto?

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