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Ban list

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"[http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/8500/wherethisthreadgoingdf4.jpg I like where this user is going]"
"[http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/2758/wherethisthreadgoingzq3.jpg I like where this user is going]"
Username: Mitch01  
Username: Mitch01  

Revision as of 01:21, 23 November 2007

This page contains a list of prominent users of OCAU banned and a brief reason why.

Username: BenZor

Forum Most Active In: Apple Hardware & Software

Profile: OCAU Profile

Reason: He was banned for trade scamming (people paid, did not receive items)

Link to Reason

Username: Juf

Forum Most Active In: Newbie Lounge

Profile: OCAU Profile

Wiki Profile: Wiki Profile

Reason: Bern made a rule that Juf is not to post any questions outside of The Official OCAU juf Question Thread - MKIIa which Juf failed to follow.

Bern makes the rule

Jufs question outside the The Official OCAU juf Question Thread - MKIIa

Username: l00b3r

Forum Most Active In: Photography

Profile: OCAU Profile

Reason: Initially banned for inappropriate behavior, given a second chance via deal with admin Ma Baker but again stuffed up.

Link to Reason

l00b3rs outcome was voted on

Username: SexyLegs

Forum Most Active In: The Pub

Profile: OCAU Profile


Multiple Warnings


"I like where this user is going"

Username: Mitch01

Forum Most Active In: Every OCAU thread that ever was, and presumably ever will be.

Profile: OCAU Profile

Reason: Do a user search for Mitchh01, read the first reply and you will find enlightenment.