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OCAU Wiki currently uses a SEPARATE username and password from the forums. The system we previously used to join the two together was not very reliable and we haven't found a suitable replacement. Also, due to spambots we generally have new user registrations disabled in the Wiki. This means if you want to join the Wiki you might have to contact us via email to coordinate opening the Wiki up so you can make your account. This is awkward, but you'd only have to do it once.

Please note that OCAU.Wiki is a database of user-contributed information. Due to the real-time nature of the system, information is not approved or moderated before publication. If you find some information in the Wiki that you believe to be incorrect or otherwise problematic, you are welcome to edit the page yourself to correct it. Otherwise, email the URL of the page, or the name of the page, to along with an explanation of your concerns and it will be looked at as soon as possible.

We strongly discourage people from submitting content that they didn't create themselves, because of copyright concerns. If you feel a page infringes on your copyright, you are again welcome to log in and edit the content yourself, or bring it to our attention via emailing

Content in OCAU.Wiki is not to be reproduced elsewhere without the written permission of the OCAU administrators. This is to protect the investment in time that our community has put into creating this resource. Feel free to link it from your own website if you find the content useful, but please don't reproduce it on your page(s).

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