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OCAU Emergency Services Club

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====SA CFS====
====SA CFS====
====SA MFS====
====TAS TFS====
====TAS TFS====

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Template:Infobox OCAU Club

The Overclockers Australia Emergency Services Club is a place for all Emergency Services personnel to share stories, information, links, and anything related to their duties. Our club thread is an open discussion, where members post pictures, share stories, give updates on what their local unit/station is doing, and even advertise open days etc. It also acts as a handy information resource for people interested in joining an Emergency Service organisation.


[edit] Becoming a Member

To become a member, register your interest in the Club Thread, including which member number you would like (otherwise you will be given one in the order you joined), and the Emergency Services that you are a member of including the State and Unit/Station etc.

[edit] Signature Tag

So that other forum members can recognise that you're a member, add the following code to your signature:

PHP Code:

[URL=http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=414460&page=1&pp=15]OCAU Emergency Services club[/URL]

You can also add your member number at the end of the link,

OCAU Emergency Services club member #<change your number here>

[edit] Members

We currently have 22 members across several Australian Emergency Services organisations:

[edit] Members by name

Member List
Member Member No. Memberships
Arman #12 NSW RFS - Westleigh Brigade
BigandY #007 NSW RFS - Headquarters Brigade, Warringah Pittwater District
Boofyc #905 NSW SES - Orange City Brigade
brodiepearce #40 QLD SES - Ipswich City Unit, Ipswich Group, QLD DES Cadets - Ipswich City Unit, Ipswich Group
BurningFeetMan #004 NSW RFS
Crystal #000Bravo TAS TFS - Risdonvale Brigade, NSW RFS - Schofields Brigade
Cybergecko52 #911 TAS TFS - Rokeby Brigade
D_Web #005 QLD SES - Gold Coast
Darkness' #001 NSW RFS - Illawong brigade, NSW RFS - Headquarters State Operations Unit. Officer (Career)
Dark_Falcon #013 NSW RFS - Edinglassie Brigade, NSW RFS
disastrAUS #011
doridori #086 NSW SES
ElusiveA #006 VIC St. John Ambulance, South East Region, Bayside Division
emma #003
gords #002 NSW RFS
MADMAX #014 SA CFS - Eudunda brigade
Mazzanet #015 VIC CFA - region 02, Bendigo
ralphy140 #140 NSW RSF - Ingleside brigade
rodgrech #000 NSW RFS - Schofields brigade, NSW Police - Civilian Radio Tech (Career)
the_barra_masta #24 QLD SES - Buchan Point Unit, Cairns District
TheWedgie SA Ambulance Service (Career) - Port Augusta, SA MFS (Retained) - Port Augusta
Wacky #016 NSW RFS - Headquarters Brigade, Warringah Pittwater District

[edit] Members by Service

[edit] NSW RFS

  • Arman
  • BigandY
  • BurningFeetMan
  • Crystal
  • Darkness'
  • Dark_Falcon
  • gords
  • ralphy140
  • rodgrech
  • Wacky

[edit] NSW SES

  • Boofyc
  • doridori

[edit] QLD SES

  • brodiepearce
  • D_Web
  • the_barra_masta

[edit] SA Ambulance Service

  • TheWedgie

[edit] SA CFS


[edit] SA MFS

  • TheWedgie

[edit] TAS TFS

  • Crystal
  • Cybergecko52

[edit] VIC CFA

  • Mazzanet

[edit] VIC St. John Ambulance

  • ElusiveA

[edit] unknown

  • disastrAUS
  • emma

[edit] Services currently represented

We currently have members from the following organisations:

QLD DES Cadets
SA Ambulance Service
VIC St. John Ambulance

[edit] Glossary

Terms and Acronyms
Term Meaning
CFA Country Fire Authority
CFS Country Fire Service
DES Department of Emergency Services
MFS Metropolitan Fire Service
NSW New South Wales
QLD Queensland
RFS Rural Fire Service
SES State Emergency Service
St. John Ambulance The St. John Ambulance scheme
TAS Tasmania
TFS Tasmania Fire Service
VIC Victoria