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About:In the media

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OCAU in the media

From time to time, both members and admins sneak or bribe their way into newspapers and magazines for interviews, reviews and articles. We thought we might highlight some of these media appearances. If you know of an OCAU member or admin who has appeared in the media, go ahead and add to this article! Just make sure you blur out or remove any last names, identification (number plates, names of employers) to ensure confidentiality of the person involved.

Suspect 1: Chainbolt

Before appearing on the OCAU podcast for interview with Agg and Sciby then for the most recent Intel Core2 Duo (Conroe) discussion, chainbolt graced the pages of the biggest Japanese PC consumer magazine ("DOS V") interviewed as an independant OCAU hardware reviewer.


Suspect 2: VooDoo

VooDoo's hobbies include owning the MOS gaming site and playing with his beloved car, a 2002 Holden Caprice WH-II (commonly refered to the Lux-O-Barge).

Voodoo's 'Lux-O-Barge' was recently featured in the popular car magazine 'Street Machines'. Voodoo claims the title of Australia's fastest 'Lux-O-Barge'. The car now runs 11.8 seconds on the drag-strip at Willowbank raceway in Queensland. That's faster than a Lamborghini!

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