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Agg Cave

From OCAU Wiki

This is a draft page used for proposing changes to the the article on before becomes final.

Some rules:

  • If you need to discuss this draft, please do so at talk or contact the person whom create/contributed.
  • You can make changes providing your additional is correct and make sense
  • Correction to any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors are much appreciated welcome.

The deep depths where the Nerdurnal Agg lives.



After agg graduated into full human status from his wolf/bikie gang upbringing he was in need of a location from which he could lord over his empire of web servers and forum members. this was found somewhere hovering above a dank pit.

What is in the agg cave?

Most people aren't really sure but asking someone who has visited could enlighten us all. Unfortunately everybody that enter leaves with there brains drained of all memories after seeing the piles of geek loot. add further info as people see fit.

why am i looking at this wiki?

who really knows. Maybe you stumbled apon it in your quest for ultimate power. Or maybe some wierd geekish fetish.

Is the cave of any value?

well this question has two answers. One for agg and one forthe rest of us. For Agg: yes, it allows him to lord over the rest of us.

For us: yes, on occassion Agg will start great tournies in which he gives out prizes to the victor/s.

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