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BF2142/Roll Call

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This is a list of OCAU members who play BF2142 online. It is not complete and never will be - people put themselves on the list and it is their choice to do so. Not all use the OCAU tag, and some are members of proper clans and use those tags instead.

Also, feel free to add any of us to the in-game buddy list.

OCAU Username BF2142 Username
QuakeDude [OCAU] QuakeDude
Akaminki [OCAU] Akaminki
yanman [OCAU] yanman
Jimmy89 [OCAU] Jimmy89
.LiQU!D. Adam_
fathermucker [OCAU] fathermucka
redefine [OCAU] redefine
onthepulse gyarados
ludeking erkel
Towle Towle
Swinghammer Swinghammer1
Joehax Sph1nx0
Splintered Mind [OCAU] Splintered84
Sureshot [OCAU] Sureshot3
icepick [OCAU] wspawn
PsychoSmiley [OCAU] PsychoSmiley
Slamaa [OCAU] Slamaa

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