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Bandwidth Control and Management

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Bandwidth Control & Management

For those who are interested in having control over bandwidth under windows a couple of working (tested with 95/98/ME/NT/2k/XP) solutions are :

Net Limiter – puts a limit on a per program basis (all OS support)

Net Peeker – puts a limit on a per program/ip/protocol and rule basis (all OS Support) – Supports WAN traffic and other computers not just the server

Bandwidth Controller – put a limit on a per program/ip/protocol and rule basis (all OS up to win2k3)

Cfos – put a limit on a per ip/protocol does ack prio and shaping (all OS support)

Webscout – more a firewall app with user/ip/url and rule basis limits (all OS support)

There are more win32 solutions that I have not tried, please suggest any via whim and I will test them and post links on this list.

Alot of solutions are client based and need to be installed on each computer, more control can be had by attaching your modem / router to a dedicated pc that then runs the software that controls bandwidth or you can run a virtual machine with VMWare or similar packages and have a virtual server that you then point each client to as a gateway.

Linux/Unix/BSD users should try CBQ or HTB shaping using wondershaper

Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control guide : The "Wonder Shaper" script :

Feel free to add/ Update this

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