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Car Detailing

From OCAU Wiki

Does your car suffer from fine scratches, that look like spider web, silk etc? Do you prefer to "do it yourself" and get that satisfaction out of it at the end of the job knowing you did it yourself? If this is a "YES", then this topic is a must for you to use as a guide to "do it yourself".

I have a suggestion here to help and yes if you take my advice I will profit from it, but it will leave you with a smile from ear to ear with the result.


What you need

  • Makita 5" random orbital sander = $190.
  • 2 x 6" special foam pads = $60.
  • 1 x 1ltr bottle (only size it come in) Menzerna Intensive Polish = $50.
  • 1 x 1ltr bottle (only size it come in) Menzerna Final Finish = $50.
  • 5 x gold supersoft Microfibre cloths = $60.
  • Zaino Z2 Pro Showcar polish = $39.
  • Zaino ZFX = $54.
  • Zaino Z6 Gloss Enhancer = $34.
  • Meguairs foam applicators = $5.

Application and procedure

  1. Wash and dry car throughly first.
  2. Attach special foam 6" pad to random orbital and set on speed number 5
  3. Starting on the roof work in several 10c size dabs of the Intensive Polish. ##hint## as you approach the dab lift the edge of the pad and quickly place it down over the dab of polish so that it doesn't fly everywhere .
  4. Do the entire roof and remember to work the product in.
  5. Remove any excess with a clean microfibre, removing it in a back and forward motion, not circular and only do it lightly.
  6. Make sure the roof is free of any left over Intensive polish and use a second microfibre if nessecary to make sure of this.
  7. Change to the second foam pad and apply the Final Finish the same way.
  8. Do this to all panels going in this order Roof, bonnet, boot, front guards (raise the bonnet first) then doors, front and rear bar.
  9. Wipe car down with Zaino Z6 and two clean microfibre cloths. Spray small amount of Z6 on the roof, wipe over it spreading it with one microfibre then dry with another clean microfibre.
  10. Repeat this process all over the car.
  11. Mix up half a mixing tube of Z2 Pro and 4-5 drops of ZFX (blue tube). Shake vogioursly for 90+ seconds.
  12. Lightly mist some Z6 over the applicator, then apply a small amount of Z2 Pro to the applicator
  13. Using back and forwards motion NOT CIRCULAR apply the Z2 Pro VERY SPARINGLY. Apply it that sparingly you shouldn't be able to see it on the car.
  14. Repeat all over car.
  15. Let car dy for 30mins and buff off with a clean microfibre
  16. Go back over the car again with the Z6
  17. Re-apply another coat of Z2 Pro as the first coat
  18. Once again wait til dry (about 30mins), buff off and re-do with Z6
  19. Apply last coat of Z2 Pro, let dry, buff off and re-do with Z6 again


A random orbital polisher will not burn or damage the paint, unless you held it there for 5-10mins continiously. The cheap ones are shit, the Makita is a great product, easy to use and safe too.

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