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Career, Education and Finance

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Job Seeking Websites

  • Seek Independent job site
  • MyCareer Fairfax operated job site
  • CareerOne News Limited operated job site
  • Jobsearch Federal Government operated job site

State Government Job Websites

  • Local Council The Australian Local Government Job Directory
  • ACT Australian Capital Territory Jobs
  • QLD Queensland Jobs
  • NSW New South Wales Jobs
  • NT Northern Territory Jobs
  • SA South Australian Jobs
  • TAS Tasmanian Jobs
  • VIC Victorian Jobs
  • WA Western Australian Jobs


Higher Educational Institutions in Australia





  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) link
  • MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) link


  • CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) link
  • CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) link
  • CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) link

Career Info Sheets

Got some useful info about your career? Add it to one of these info sheets or make a new one! Aimed to provide an insight on what jobs there are in various fields and what work is involved.

Taxation/Accounting/General Financial Advice Section:

This finacial info has been moved from The Pub

I thought this could be a good spot to have a bit of a finative FAQ/DIY area for all the Taxation, Accounting and General Finance Quesions "The Pub" receives.


A good start would be a list of sites that have most information that anyone may be seeking:

1. General Taxation Adivce for all individuals and other entities, ATO Website

2. ABN Details and Lookup service (free), ABNLookup

3. It is tha laaw, ATO Legal Database

4. Got Shares, want to see what you have been paid? Computershare

5. Another Share Registry, ASXperpetual

6. All Public Company Share Information, Australian Stock eXchange

7. Incorporated companies, clubs, associations, business names registrations, Australian Securities and Investments Commission

8. Australian and NZ Legislation and Case Law database AustLii

<<Anymore just add them - I wouldn't post actual business sites, just government sites>>

Taxation FAQ

Edit this page and add all the questions you've had in regards to taxation (usually Individual deductions etc) and we can all add "correct" answers.

Tax rates 2009-10
$ 0-$ 6,000: NIL
$ 6,001-$35,000: 15%
$35,001-$80,000: 30%
$80,001-$180,000: 38%
$180,001 +  : 45%
Medicare Levy: 1.5%

Tax rates 2008-09
$ 0-$ 6,000: NIL
$ 6,001-$34,000: 15%
$34,001-$80,000: 30%
$80,001-$180,000: 40%
$180,001 +  : 45%
Medicare Levy: 1.5%

Tax rates 2006-07
$ 0-$ 6,000: NIL
$ 6,001-$25,000: 15%
$25,001-$75,000: 30%
$75,001-$150,000: 40%
$150,001 +  : 45%
Medicare Levy: 1.5%

If you earn $6,001 per annum, only $1 would be taxed at %17 and not all of the $6,001. The taxation system is designed so if you pay increases, you always have more take-home money. This is regardless if you are near the edge of the bracket or not.

You pay a medicare levy generally if your income is over $15,902, but it is phased in between $15,903 and about $17,192 and I can't be bothered looking up exactly where it becomes a straight 1.5% of your income. In between $15,902 and $17,192 it is 20 cents for every dollar you earn over $15,902.

Accounting FAQ

Do you have a Business and have a quesion in regards to how you should treat any income/expense/other, post it here and answers will magically appear!

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