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Choosing an ISP

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Choosing an ISP

Here in Australia We have 4 Main types of Broadband

They are:

Cable, ADSL, 3G and FTTH


Optus and Telstra both have HFC cable networks in major metropolitan areas around Australia covering some 1,400,000 households.

The Optus network currently supports up to 100Mbps (75Mbps advertised) Australia wide.

The Telstra network currently supports up to 38Mbps (30Mbps advertised) Australia wide and 100Mbps in metropolitan Melbourne.




ADSL and ADSL Port Availability

There are numerous ISPs operating in Australia. Some have their own ADSL DSLAM network (Internode, TPG, Optus, iiNet, EFtel and more) whilst others resell wholesale provider ports such as those from Optus or Telstra Wholesale.

Your local exchange may not be profitable for companies other than Telstra to install ADSL equipment. To highlight, Telstra cover approximately 2000 telephone exchanges around Australia whilst the next closest is TPG covering nearly 400. If you are in such a situation you will be restricted to Telstra Wholesale ports only.

You also may not be directly connected to your local exchange, instead being connected to a RIM (essentially a mini-exchange) which is in turn connected to the main exchange. This is common in housing estates and will limit your choices to Telstra Wholesale ports. If you are in this situation, sign up for a ADSL plan ASAP. Ports are limited and once they are spoken for, you will be in for a long wait until someone disconnects.


Lots of the regualar ISP's and all the Mobile Telcos offer 3G Services and deals, tho there are only 3 Main 3G Carriers Being Telstra, Optus or Vodafone

Popular ADSL ISPs

Budget Providers




Premium Providers





Note: this list is incomplete and subjective. As such your experience may vary.

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