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Iron Folder Interview

What is your OCAU username & Folding name?


What is the meaning or significance of your OCAU username, if any?

It's a mashup up of my actual name

Which month and year did you win Iron Folder?

November 2011

How many F@H points do you have?

At the moment about 60 million

How many boxen do you have? Break this number down between borgs and your personal machines.

4 personal machines and 6 servers in my home rack

When did you start folding for Team 24?

Oh geezz back in 2005 i think but i stopped for quite some time

What is your average F@H points per month?

At the moment about 8 million

Any other DC projects?

None only F@h

How many boxen do you have running the following clients?

Regular client — 0

SMP client — 8

GPU client — 2

PS3 client — 1

What operating system do you primarily use?







System Administror freelance support


Computing, astronomy, r/c choppers, cricket, drinking.

Are you married, single, etc?

Mortgage and kids? although 2012 is a leap year. Soo ill have to watch out

Does your significant other, assuming you have one, support your F@H activities?

I guess so. she doesnt object to it. well except when the power bill comes in

Congratulations on being chosen the Iron Folder for the month. How does it feel to be chosen by your peers for such a prestigious award?

Pretty good. its great being apart of a nice online community

Why do you think you were chosen?

Cause i try and pump out max points :D

Why do you participate in Folding?

My family has had a history of cancer and im no lab tech so its about all i can do to assist in helping others understanding how diseases work

If Folding could find a cure for just one disease tomorrow, which one would it be and why?

HIV would be up there but any type of cancer would be awesome, even develop better treatments would be rad

What would you like Team 24, to know about you, that might surprise them?

Nothing surprising here. Ahh sometimes i read reddit all day *surprise*

Where do you see your folding activities in the next year or two?

Hopefully consistent. I may have a few surprises up my sleeve in the comming months

Have you been successful borging? If so, what kind of borging worked for you? (For example, friends, family, and/or work?)

No i did start at work but then i ended up purchasing the servers to resell on but atm there just folding away for me,

Any ideas on improving the DC subforum, or suggestions or improvements for our Team?

Requitment drive :D

What challenges have you faced in your F@H efforts?

Summer, Power cost (prices doubling in the last year) and my internet was not sendindg work packets consitantly for some time before i realised :/

How much do you spend on F@H? If you consider equipment, electricity, and other activities that support F@H... how much of your life has DC’ing consumed?

Not too much. once everything is setup it pretty much just ticks away.

Do you have friends, family, or neighbors that know about your F@H activities? What do they think?

Actually ive never told family and freinds. i think i tried explaining it once to a mate and then i just gave up.

Do you game? If so, how long and what types do you prefer? Consoles or PC?

I have a ps3 but i prefer pc games. i have been playing eve online for about 7 years now and smashing out the latest games inbetween. My daugter is crazy for minecraft now though.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just a big thanks to everyone in the folding team for doing a great job with comps, prizes and keeping everyone interested and motivated

On behalf of Team 24, I thank you as well for your contributions to this team and I thank you for your time to talk about it. Keep on folding!

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