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Current Events

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Current Events is the forum of choice for all discussions related to major happennings in the world. With diverse topics ranging from the Cassini-Huygens Probe to Saturn, to Polish Sex Competitions, to Religion and its role in modern society, it's all here. There's some overlap with TV, Movies and Music, but the two usually manage to stay separate. Forum Members intending to stay in CE for long periods should develop thick skins rapidly, prompting a discussion on Evolution Vs Creation. Skill with Google, while useful, isn't needed, as nobody listens to dissenting opinions anyway. :D <-- emoticons don't work here :(

Rules, Guidelines and Other Notes

Do not post anything that consists of racial slurs and/or generalisations. Also do not use "slang" terms for various ethnic or racial groups.


Forum Administrators



List of Notable Current Events Posters

Chainbolt - Sexual deviant, elderly and rumoured to have been dropped in toxic waste as a child due to his subhuman ability to argue the same point for over 200 pages in any given thread.

SenorGrande - Has an unusual habit of posting both things useless and deadly obvious (Gipsyking syndrome) and incredibly inflammatory, false and stupid in quick succession (Mitch01 syndrome).

Wolf - His posts often resemble an intimidating wall of text swiftly destroying the point he is arguing against, but he is a lawyer by trade. If you want to actually read what he’s saying, only read every fourth word and you will have a better idea of what his point is. Or save yourself some time and assume his post follows the same formula of 90% of his others: You’re wrong, I’m smarter than you, you’re an idiot for believing that.

Waynekruse - Think wolf at age 18

MR CHILLED - Posts never seem to exceed one line, which is useful in scoring cheap points when debating politics. Arcs up savagely when called out. Probably posts more in Site Discussion about CE than actually in CE (not including in closed threads where he states he cannot be bothered ‘cleaning it up’)

Tornado33 - The very definition of troll. Blindly casts his opinion into the forums with very little intention in defending it. Reaches levels of partisanship that today’s MP’s couldn’t match.

Wilf - Argues his points in a fashion that could only be described as ‘The Unstoppable Force’. If you’re in a thread and you see Wilf agree with you, go and watch TV for a few hours because he’s going to keep hammering that point for you until the cows come home.

Adamsleath - Can easily post 500 words about absolutely nothing in a language that looks like he just had a stroke. Seems to argue with himself half the time. If you understand what he says, call the UN immediately and get a job translating in sub-Saharan Africa.

Bosk - Seems like a typical first year Arts student – anti-American, anti-Jew, anti-west, anti-anybody earning over 80k p/a. Creams himself over America’s impending doom.

Goth - Goth posts have been scientifically proven to have a 99% chance to have something to do with nuclear power.

Sniper - Nearly reaches tornado33 heights in partisanship while fellating the ALP and dancing on Howard’s grave. Often types some words in RANDOM capitals, like somehow THAT makes his posts slightly credible.

Revenge - Too busy calling everybody an idiot, racist, bigot or fanboi to say anything of worth.

<pRo>ToSs - Self-declared defender of all things foreign but defends things from south Asia a bit more often. Tries to work in the word ‘brown’ into most posts.

1shot1kill - So smugly pedantic it hurts. After Obama’s win he went around CE trying to scold anyone who called him ‘president-elect’ because apparently it wasn’t correct. Nitpicks the heck out of everything.

Delpieropadova - Mentions in every posts that he is Asian and a stand-up comedian.

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