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Geek Food

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This is the Geek Food section of OCAU.Wiki.


Order in the Kitchen!

This forum is for the posting of recipes, food ideas and for the general discussion of food. It is NOT a place to post polls on whether Diet Coke tastes crappy (it does) or to post what you had for dinner last night (we don't care - unless you post the recipe ). Posts should take one of the following formats:


See Agg's Standard Document Layout sticky thread for the headings to put in your recipes. If you did not invent the recipe, give credit to whoever did. Eg, "This is Margaret Fulton's way to cook Apricot Lamb Chops, I think it tastes pretty good and it was easy to make too" or "This is pasta the way Mama makes it". Follow these guidelines if you post a follow-up to a request post also. Claiming someone else's work or ideas as your own is called plagiarism.


If you want to request a recipe or advice on a food type, put the abbreviation "REQ:" in front of the thread topic so that it is obvious you are posting a request and not a recipe. Try using the search function in case a recipe has been posted already, maybe in response to an earlier request.


If you post a response to someone's recipe, avoid responses like "sounds yummy". Pointless posts like those will be deleted. If you think it is yummy, try making the recipe then post feedback in the originator's thread. Suggest changes or list the things you did differently and whether the changes worked well or not, so that those who follow you and the original poster can benefit from your feedback. If you follow-up to someone's recipe request, try to follow the Standard Document Layout. If you really liked (or didn't like) a recipe, vote for the thread! Let's see how many "5 star" chefs we have out there.


From time to time, myself or an Admin will post an Announcement in the forum announcing a "Cookoff". Post your recipe for whatever the cookout subject is, for example the "Chilli Cookoff". Members can then try (or evaluate) the recipes and vote for them. Responses to cookouts should prefix "COOKOFF:" to the title of the thread. There are no prizes or anything, just a little fun for monthly (or so) themes.

Other topics

Obviously there is more to Geek Food than recipes. Sometimes we'd like others opinions on things like the best brand of canned tomatoes or how to cook pasta "al dente". First, check to see if the topic has come up before, and reply to that thread if the precise answer you seek did not come up. If you seek help or advice, prefix the thread topic accordingly with "HELP:" or "ADV:" etc. This will help forum readers know what the thread is about. Threads that are only vaguely foody or more suited to the Pub or of extremely low quality will be moved, locked or deleted.


The forums have an excellent search engine. Use it to see if something you're after has been posted before. Threads asking for suggestions for what to eat for dinner, etc will be locked, moved or deleted. Exceptions may be made for interesting or important requests eg "Help me plan my wedding feast" etc.

Respect others' cultures and tastes

Blanket statements like "foul", "yuck", "vomit" etc in reponse to the postings of others will be treated with the disdain they deserve. Have respect for the tastes of others. If you are a chops and 3-veg kind of person, and have no wish to step out of your comfortable yet bland culinary boundaries, try to defend your narrow point of view without slurring other's tastes or by referring to bodily functions. If you cannot abide by this guideline, don't post at all. You'll save the moderators the trouble of clicking the delete button. I'm sorry that I had to add this, but the postings of certain individuals have made it necessary for me to clarify this.


If we all follow these simple guidelines, the quality of this forum will improve and we can all learn a little more about food and good taste.

One last thing: if your recipe lacks "that certain something", it's probably garlic.


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