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Ikariam is a free online real-time strategy game released in 2008 by Gameforge AG. The concept behind Ikariam is much like the idea of Sid Meier's well known Civilization Games, where players command a small village and construct buildings such as Barracks, Ports and Taverns to create a larger city, and palaces which are constructed to allow for the expansion of a small empire. Read More


OCAU Ikariam Players

There are a large number of OCAU members who play the game. If you're just joining the game, the best servers to join would be either Delta or Zeta, as OCAU has organised alliances on those two servers. Forum Thread

Please note that you need to be on the wiki prior to sending an application to the alliance in game - this way we can verify who really is an OCAU member, and not just some random wanting to join a top alliance :D

Server Player List

If you are a current player, please click on the links to the appropriate server(s) and add your player details in there - this way we can see who is near one another and help each other out in trades and cultural agreements etc! Don't know how to add yourself? Read This.

Please note that the lists should be sorted by Island Location. and materials both sorted and labeled in the way they are in game.

Alpha | Beta | Gamma | Delta | Epsilon | Zeta | Eta | Theta | Iota


You might find a couple of the guys hanging out on IRC. Everyone is welcome to join, and if you need help connecting just ask on the forums. If you do join, please add a 'd' or 'z' on the end of your name to indicate which Ikariam server you are on (D for Delta, Z for Zeta etc)

 Channel: #Ikariam

Thanks Firemoth for setting this up!

Hints and Tips

Read full article

Firefox Add-ons

If you are using Firefox, you can use the following stand-alone add-ons:

Blank Canvas Ikariam Tools

Automatically select your preferred server on login page. Turns resource quantities into direct links to mines. Optionally hide island coordinates in crumb navigation. "My Cities" box provides quick links to all of your cities and buildings. Provides real-time high score information when selecting players in island view. This add-on has been officially approved for use by the game's developers.

Firefox Scripts

If you are using Firefox, install GreaseMonkey:

You can then use the following plugins.

Please Note the following scripts are not approved by Gameforge

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