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Iron Photographer

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The Rules

  • The judges' decision is final.
  • No entries taken before the theme announcement will be accepted.
  • Each member is allowed to submit ONE photo for consideration. You may change your submitted photo at any time up to the due date. Just edit your post in the entries thread and go from there.
  • All entries must be exactly 800 pixels on their longest dimension. This includes any borders you choose to add.
  • Only very light photoshopping is allowed. Adjustment of Levels, Colour Correction, Contrast, Sharpening and Cropping is allowed.
  • The entry thread will be closed at the specified time. No extra entries will be accepted, except under special circumstances.
  • Photographs posted that contain nudity will be allowed according to the forum groundrules.
  • Entries breaking these rules will be disqualified.
  • Comments can be made in the discussion thread.

The Process

  • Read this thread and the rules.
  • Go out and take a photo, fitting in the theme and rules.
  • Make sure the photo is in a high quality format, but keep the physical size realistic.
  • Post your entry into the entries thread. If you require hosting, it's recommended that you use Ugbox Imagestore. Use the direct link to the full size image. imageshack is also recommended when Ugbox isn't working
  • When the due date passes, the entries thread will be closed, and a top ten thread started. After a week the top ten will be collated and a top ten voting thread started, this will run for a couple of weeks and then the winner annouced. They then have the choice of submitting a topic for the next challenge.

The Tips

  • Think laterally, not literally. Makes for an interesting piece. :)
  • Try to make the judges think about what they're looking at.
  • Do what YOU think is right. Art is very subjective. What's great to me, sucks to someone else, etc.
  • Although you don't have to, I'd suggest titling your work, because it gives the judges an idea that you're thinking about what you've done, not just taken a literally photo of somthing, using the latest technical trick.
  • This is nothing serious, have fun while you're doing it.

The People (in a vague order of who you'll see the most in the IP comps.)

  • Dinuc - He likes Cameras and used to run the Iron Photographer comps, think of him as the roving reporter from Iron Chef  :)
  • Gibbon - Photography-forum-specific admin. Doesn't cook, but likes food. Think of him as the entire tasting panel.
  • Sciby - Forums wide admin bald guy. Think Tenmei Kano, special guest tasting judge from Iron Chef, who occasionally appears, spouts rhetoric, then leaves for a few episodes. (Unfortunately, he doesn't have very much spare time to donate to the Iron Photographer challenges anymore, but he still does lurk about.)
  • WhiteRhino - the guy who does all the hard work behind the scenes, adding up voting totals
  • mpot - the guy who will generally point out if your entry doesn't abide by the competition rules

External Links

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The Gallery

Past Iron Photographers

Please note that this is a copy of the official rules and any changes are not to be taken as official.

The rules by which the challenge is run are here: Iron Photographer Rules.

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