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This is a draft page used for proposing changes to the the article on before becomes final.

Some rules:

  • If you need to discuss this draft, please do so at talk or contact the person whom create/contributed.
  • You can make changes providing your additional is correct and make sense
  • Correction to any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors are much appreciated welcome.
Crappy photoshoped logo???


What is this?

Creation of a downloadable Podcast and Video (Starting with either one first). Aimed at the Tech Enthusiast and Internet movement from an Australian perspective.

What will the show be called?

Right now I'm calling this OCAU-TV. I'm looking for another name, so add your suggestion below.


If you have any ideas (I MEAN ANYTHING) on what you want in the show... Then

Please add your suggestions, comments and ideas below and feel free to contact thetron on IRC or via the forums. Put down anything that comes to your mind that's serious and not stupid.

More Information

Related Podcast Pages Licenced content in Podcast and Vodcast, Podcast:Episode 15 - Chainbolt discusses conroe (Transcript), OCAU Podcast Episode 25 Shownotes, Podcasts, OCAU Podcasts.

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