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Overclockers Australia Motorcycle Club


About the MC

The is a vBulletin forum hosted on the same servers as OCAU.


The idea of a motorcycle club was born in the Motoring Forum at OCAU
The separate forum, was a project by Darkness and 'the late' Boky. The forum went live in March 2003.

Our Membership

The was started by members of the OCAU forum. These days it attracts a broader audience.
From humble beginnings in March 03. The membership has grown to over 5000, as of Jan 07.


  • Darkness aka Dean. Photographer of illuminating perception.
  • Agg aka Captain of the good ship OCAU.


  • Fireblade aka Cal from MCNews
  • fatcat aka Kurt without his superman suit.
  • RustyGT aka our hairy nosed northern cousin. [maybe a yeti, no one has ever seen him]
  • Peka aka defender of the red faith aka hairy rhonda from up yonda.
  • IK aka Alat the Hun. Ivory towers make a good spot for slaughtering infidels.
  • Jase aka the irc admin. Worst job since sitting in space on Thunderbird 5.
  • Frosty, the baldy bugger that looks like David Kosh.
  • Vex
  • BigTrev
  • Johnnie5

Ride On

Motorcycling is Life.
Darren 'Boky' Bokenham. 27/12/2005
Madelen 'Maddy' Kirton. 07/01/2006

The MC Forum

Boasts a wide ranging discussion of all aspects of motorcycling.

General Riding Forums

  • General Riding Discussion A daily post up of things that are worth discussing. We try to keep this to the more serious issues.
  • The Local A daily post up of anything that takes your fancy. We have been known to talk a bit of rubbish from time to time.
  • Pit Lane Our Motorsport Forum. As much as we like riding our bikes, we like watching other people do it better than us.

Buy it build it or break it

The Workshop Daddy why did that bike go Bang?

Buyers Guide Guides on the do's and dont's of buying bikes.

Paperwork The papertrail the follows motorcycles!

For Sale and WTB

FS and WTB Strictly motorcycle related only.
Posting is free to all members.
We even have a section for Vendors to give us a few good deals! We prefer pics hosted by UGBox

Upcoming Rides

Upcoming Rides and Events are listed in state by state categories.


Will my OCAU login work at

No. You will be required to register at the MC.

Do I have to own a motorcycle to join the MC?

We welcome anyone to peruse our forums. You must Register to view though.

Why does a Overclocking Forum have a Motorcycle Club?

It's a tech thing. We like gear that goes fast.

I know nothing about motorcycles, except that i want one.

Tired of smartarses on your case in other forums?
The MC has a flame free Noob Q+A forum. Ask away!

Motorbikes are for boys. Right?

Our club has many girls that could ride around the outside of your average bloke.
We maintain an atmosphere that is friendly to all riders!

I like to talk. Do you have a chat room?

The MC has it's own channel on IRC. IRC

I want to post up pics - how do I do this?

Use the ugbox. It's pretty self-explanatory.

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