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Programming Interfaces / Utilities

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eBooks / Guides

C / C++

  • Anjuta (C/C++ IDE for POSIX OS's (Linux, BSD, etc))
  • Bloodshed Dev-C++ (C/C++ IDE for MINGW on Windows)
  • Borland C++ 5.5 Compiler Pack (BCC - Borland C/C++ compiler without GUI IDE, only command line)
  • Code::Blocks (open source, cross platform C++ IDE)
  • Cygwin (Linux-like environment for Windows. Includes Linux-emulation layer, GCC compiler suite and common Linux command-line tools. Allows compilation and running of Linux programs under Windows)
  • D language (D is a compiled language with roots in C++ and influences from newer languages like Java and C# (see D/C/C++/C#/Java feature comparison))
  • Visual C++ Express Edition (Microsoft's cut-down edition of the c++ part Visual Studio 2005 released for free.)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 ToolKit (requires Platform SDK, installation howto here)
  • MINGW (Port of GCC compiler suite together with headers and runtime which allow compilation of Linux programs under Windows which do not rely on 3rd party DLLs (cygwin))
  • Relo (C/C++ IDE - MingW32 & Borland specific)
  • Ultimate++ cross platform RAD suite

Java / C#

  • BlueJ (an educationally-oriented basic Java editor)
  • DrJava (lightweight development environment for writing Java programs)
  • GNU Classpath (free replacement for Sun's proprietary core Java class libraries)
  • Groovy (a Java 2 Platform based language that extends standard Java with features found in Ruby, Python or Smalltalk)
  • ic#code (Open source environment for C# & VB.NET development)
  • jCreator LE (Java IDE/Editor - free edition download here )
  • jEdit (plugins here )
  • jGRASP (development environment created specifically to provide automatic generation of software visualizations)
  • Mono (Open Source .NET toolchain and runtime implementation for multiple platforms)
  • Sun Java (development language & runtime environment)
  • Visual C# Express Edition (Free cut-down version of Visual Studio 2005 for C# Development.)
  • Visual J# Express Edition (Free cut-down version of Visual Studio 2005 for J# Development.)


  • Free Pascal (Portable, fast, self-compiling Pascal compliler)
  • GNU Pascal (GPC is a highly portable, standard-compliant Pascal based on GCC)
  • Dev-Pascal (Pascal IDE for Windows)



Ruby (And Rails)

  • Ruby (A general purpose object-oriented scripting language, comparable to Python)
  • Ruby On Rails (Open Source web programming framework based on Ruby)
  • Mondrian Ruby IDE (IDE written in Ruby for Ruby development.)
  • FreeRIDE (Another Ruby IDE in Ruby, Included w/ Ruby 1-click installer for Windows)
  • RDT (Ruby plugin for Eclipse)
  • RadRails (Eclipse-based Rails IDE. Comes in stand-alone form.)
  • RIDE-ME (VS Like Ruby IDE)
  • jEdit (Java Based Text Editor, Reccommend *this as a guide to set it up for RoR Development.)
  • RoRED (Windows Only Rails IDE)
  • RDE (Japanese Ruby IDE)

Visual Basic

Scripting Languages



  • (Website dedicated to MS Windows programming)
  • Freshmeat (Large index of Linux and cross-platform open source software)
  • JVM Languages (different languages ported to compile/run for/on Java Platform)
  • .NET Languages (different languages ported to compile for .NET platform)
  • SourceForge (Largest repository for the open source software)


  • dbEdit (simple database)
  • Firebird (freeware mature relational database)
  • MySQL (popular Open Source relational database)
  • PostgreSQL (mature Open Source relational database)
  • SQLite (very light-weight C library with full db functionality)

Installation Packages


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