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Sending News

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The front page of OCAU is frequently updated with interesting news and reviews.

Anybody can send news that they think might be of interest to the OCAU community. Just send an e-mail to which contains a link to the article/review and perhaps a short description of what it's about.

When sending news (ie. not product reviews) it is nice if you give us a short paragraph of what the article is about, you can even just copy the first one or two paragraphs out of the article and put it in. Also, make descriptive subject lines with the title or description of the article.

When sending reviews it is nice if you give the link, and the name of the product being reviewed. Also if possible put the name of the product in the subject line as well. Also if possible could you keep product names short, ie. VendorX 42000 Graphics Card is good, VendorX Super Duper Quad Memory Game Tubocharged 42000 Ownage Edition is not so good.

When sending in interesting forum threads follow the same guidelines as for sending in news.

None of this is absolutely essential but it's the little things that make our job so much easier heightens the chance of your stuff being featured.

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