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Site Discussion

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The Site Discussion forum is for discussion regarding the OCAU website and forums.


Site Discussion FAQ

Why isn't my post count increasing?

Answer: Posts made in The Pub, Test Forum, and Trading Forums do not count towards your post count.

Why can't I post in or see the Trading Forums?

Answer: You need to be a member for 90 days to have access to the trading forums. If you have been a member for over 90 days then you probably haven't confirmed your email address in the UserCP. Click the link in the email you got sent when you joined OCAU or changed your email address.

How do I change my username?

Answer: Your username wont be changed unless its due to exceptional circumstances. Posting a thread in Site Discussion will not get your username changed.

Can we have a relationship forum?

Answer: This has been asked a lot lately and the answer has been no on all occasions so it will probably be the same when you ask too.

Can I have a bigger PM box?

Answer: Again, asked many times and the answer has always been no, surely you don't need all of those 100 messages. If you do, use the 'Export Private Messages' function of vB to save them to your PC.

Why cant I have images in my signature?

Answer: They take up a lot of space, make life hell for dial-up users with signatures turned on and interrupt the flow of a thread. It has been asked and the answer is no for a good reason.

Can you ban me so I can study?

Answer: The admins will gladly oblige. Just post in this thread with how long you want to be banned.

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