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Dvico remote

Cleary, I'm confident that you don't need to load a kernel module for the dvico remote besides the lirc module. Could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks :)

EDIT: Take a look at the LIRC website, it seems to confirm my above statement.

cleary edit: confirmed, sorry I haven't been back here in years...

Table header background

The table background for the list of people's setups is so dark you can't read the column headings. I tried changing what seemed to be the obvious section but it did nothing.  :) tis fixed now, ta Dedge!

Dedge Edit: No worries, thanks for pointing it out

Testing XvMC with mplayer

Might be handy to add somewhere that

  • mplayer -vo xvmc -vc ffmpeg12mc dvd://

is a great way to test if xvmc is working properly on the system before reconfiguring mythfrontend. Took me a while to figure out that just -vo xvmc wont work (thought there was an issue with xvmc) - need to specify the codec too

Tables gotta go

Hi all. While they might have been a good idea originally, the tables throughout these pages really have to go. They're big and clumsy and atrocious to try and edit — especially for newbies.

I've been rearranging some of these pages, and I'm going to see if I can find a better way to portray this information without tables. Let me know if you've got any feedback on this process.


It would be good if we could compile a table with Shepherd ID (XMLTV) to channel name.

Currently it always annoys me trying to guess what goes where each time I rebuild

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