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Traveling to a LAN event

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Getting to that ever important big LAN event

But wait... It's 300kms away


The LAN scene in Hervey Bay is kind of a bore. Our last great regular LAN was a small group of 10-20 people. Due to poor the attendance levels and lack of dedicated commitment from the organizer (No offence if your reading this), the event slowly but painful dead

For over a year, in-town computer and gaming café business has opened for and again. I’m not too impressed with them, They worried about the risk of illegal copies of sol.exe and refuse BYO computer event, Clever people might be able to copy their ghost/game images from the server. Most Layer2 managed switch has VLAN support built-in.

Creating two separate networks and subnets all on the one switch, For example grouping one VLAN to floor PC and second VLAN group for the servers/admin, since each is separate network neither group can interconnect with each other without a router involved

LAN or not to LAN?

For a while, I’ve been considering showing up at the many OCAU meet or LAN event. But always gets put off due to the M.A.P.E.D factor:

  • Money
  • Affordable
  • Personal
  • Equipment
  • Distance and Time

Money makes the world go around along with how popular or important a event is. Just the one-day events you need to consider setup your base-camp for the night in motel/hotel if you’re unable to fly/drive home after the event. Two day event like LAN you can sleep overnight in the same place as the event

Consider your options, Do your research on how you’re going to get to the event before you even book anything, what’s the cheapest Vs fastest method of transportation. Can you catch a cab or have someone to pick you up

Personal what makes you feel comfortable and safe.

Equipment this is absolutely critical for a LAN you need a small computer like a shuttle or mini-pc their very small and only weighs about 14Kg when configured. Invest in a good LCD no bigger than 24 inch so it’s enough to fit into large hard-cover suitcase. Don’t skimp on quality this it’s expensive piece of equipment. Invest a carry-case/backpack or straps, If you have kept the Polystyrene padding and box for your LCD. Nows the time to bring it out of the cupboard

Put a pillow case over your monitor or thin plastic sheet/bag over the monitor to protect the screen for scratches. For extra protection use a sleep bag to wrap around the LCD box for extra padding. If possible remember to take your computer on-board instead of checking it

Distance and time like personal depends comfortable with. Ask around if someone can give you a lift or other ways (Plane, Train, Bus).

My example motherlan

Coming soon. Not about to reveal everything

More Information

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