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Wiki Maintenance

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As with any Wiki there is always things that need to be done. Below are a fews things that you can do to help.


Wanted Pages


On the page above you will find a list of all the pages that are linked too but haven't been created. At the very least they just need to be kickstarted. ;)

If you think of an article you'd link to see on the wiki but don't wish to actually set it up, you can always add it to the request list.

Orphaned Pages


The page above list all current pages that are not linked to. You will need to find another relavent page to edit and add a link to the orphaned page.

Categorizing Pages


To make it easy to find a group of pages on a particular topic we have started to categorize pages. The page above list all pages that have not be categorized.

How to add a category to a page

Simply add the following tag to the bottom of the page.
[[Category:Category name]]

A list of all current Categories can be found here. If you feel another category is needed simply tag a page with the new category name.

Deadend Pages


The Wiki system is all about linking to other articles in the wiki so you may travel around article to artcle. The link above lists all pages that do not link anywhere is in the wiki. Please add some links to these pages where appropriate.



Stubs are short, often new articles in the wiki. These articles need help to expand the content.

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